Chocolates are one of our favourite bomboniere ideas: they never date, they can easily be dyed or patterned to match your wedding theme and almost everyone loves them. However, these tasty morsels can also turn into a melted mess during the warm summer months.

So, we’ve spoken to one of the world’s biggest chocolatiers (a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it), Jeff de Bruges for his seven tips for keeping your choccies firm throughout the reception.

1. Keep it in the Shade

If you’re taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and hosting your reception outside, keep the chocolate well away from the sun. Store it in the darkest, most shady area you can find.

2. Know the Temperature

Chocolate stores best between 18-22°, so if you can, ask the venue to set the air conditioner to remain within these temperatures.1

3. Keep it Wrapped

If there’s a chance that the bombonieres might get wet (from rain, spilled drinks or humidity), make sure they’re wrapped airtight and sealed.

4. Think Candy

If you’re seriously concerned about the chocolate melting, consider candy-covered delights. The hard-candy coating will protect the chocolate from the elements and means you’ll have an almost unmeltable treat for guests.

5. Don’t Refrigerate

Keep your chocolate away from the fridge! Because of the humidity in the refrigerator, the chocolate can bloom, this is where the chocolate develops an ugly white coating.

6. Slightly Warmer is Good

If your guests are readying to eat their chocolate bomboniere at the wedding (who can blame them?), it’s actually better that the temperature is slightly warmer than the 22°. If the chocolate is cold, your palate won’t be able to taste the flavour as much as what it would if it was warm.

7. Delegate

Consider asking one of your Bridesmaids to hand out the bombonieres as guests leave, instead of storing them on the tables. That way you can be sure that the treats won’t melt!3

Jeff de Bruges is one of the world’s most famous chocolatiers and has just has launched his boutique store on Level 2 at Westfield Bondi Junction. Jeff’s unique chocolate-creating practice uses tradition Belgium techniques with a swirl of French-ingenuity and classic chic to create decadent and modern treats. For more on these sweet treats, click here.

Main image from adrianalima.com

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