7 Essential Undergarments to Wear, Depending on Your Bridal Gown

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality undergarments, especially on your big day. Although these pieces of clothing generally remain unseen, they serve as the foundations of your outfit and work with your bridal attire, creating ideal textures and enhancing the most flattering shapes. 

When selecting undergarments, it is important to take stock of the silhouette of your attire, the fabric, and your comfort levels. Since the undergarments facilitate the connection between your body and an intricately tailored bridal outfit, it is essential that they are perfectly comfortable, fit you like a glove, and blend seamlessly with the main pieces. 

Make sure to plan the undergarments during wedding dress fittings so that proper adjustments can be made to them, if necessary. This practice also ensures that you’ll be able to acclimatize to the exact fit of the ensemble prior to your special day. 

7 Undergarment Types to You Need on Your Wedding Day:

1. Backless Gown: Adhesive Bra 

Adhesive bras are an innovative undergarment made with silicone grippers, which are designed to cling to your skin on their own, without the help of a back band or the typical hooks. High-quality adhesives will not be affected by sweat, and are hand washable and reusable. The typical lifespan of an adhesive or sticky bra is anywhere from 5-30 uses, depending on the quality grade and how well you care for it. 

Since these butterfly-shaped bras stick to the chest and have no back straps, they are your best bet for a backless gown. For larger bust sizes that need extra support, the market offers sticky bras that have extending tags that you can stick to your upper chest to achieve more of a lift. 


Gatherall Bra in Latte, 68 USD, to Gatherall

2. Serpentina Gown: Shapewear

If you want to slip into a stunning serpentina with ease, invest in flattering shapewear. Shaping camisoles, bodysuits, slips, girdles, and even padded shorts can all smooth out the body and simultaneously enhance your curves. Some bodysuits also come in backless cuts with adhesive grippers, too!  

In addition to this, shapewear is useful for providing an opaque layer to wear under sheer gowns. To create an airbrushed appearance, you may opt to wear shapewear that matches your skin tone beneath frosted lace bodices, layers of chiffon, and other sheer fabrics.   


Seamless Sculpt Low Back Thong Bodysuit, 124 AUD, Skims

3. See-Through Skirts: Bridal hosiery 

Speaking of all things see-through, bridal hosiery, (stockings, tights, socks, and related items) can be worn beneath sheer, sultry skirts. Some gown designs include embellished mesh or tulle skirts that strategically show off your stems, so it may add to your comfort to wear translucent or skin toned stockings for some subtle coverage. 

15259194 30945391 1000

Neutral Pure 10 Tights, 50 AUD, Wolford

4. Ball Gown: Petticoat or Crinoline 

Live your princess fantasy and make your ball gown as voluminous as possible. Increase the drama with an extra petticoat or crinoline. It’s essential to fit this ensemble with your bridal shoes as well—ensure that you’ll be comfortable enough in your steppers to waltz around with the added weight. 

6bone 07859

6 Bone Hoop Drawstring Petticoat – White, 142.27 AUD, Bella Mera Bridal Boutique

5. Deep-V Gowns: Plunge Bra 

For daring deep-Vs, secure a plunge bra. These revised undergarments feature a low dip that will accommodate the styles of most v-neck gowns.

Refined 4 Way Convertible U Plunge Strapless Bustier in Nude, 74.95 USD, Fine Lines

6. Body-Hugging Satin Gown: Seamless Underwear 

For gowns made with stiffer fabrics that tend to emphasize harsh underwear and strap lines, skip the thick garters and opt for seamless, nude undergarments. 

Undergarments come in different cuts. You have the classic bikini shape, the boyshorts, high-cut briefs, thongs, the tanga cut, and each of their adjacent variations. It would be best to test the undergarment with the silhouette and texture of your dress to see which one works best. For instance, seamless boyshorts that are too long have the tendency to bunch up around the inner thigh when worn under slippery satin, creating an uncomfortable bulky feeling. In this case, it may be better to go with a petite undergarment, such as the tanga or thong, to afford you more movement. 

1118050265H8 OM F

Seamless Thong Panty in Praline, 21.28 AUD, Victoria’s Secret

7. High-Slit Gown: Asymmetrical Shorts  

Enter one of the most clever underwear items: the asymmetrical shorts. With this piece, you’ll be able to banish the fear of a wardrobe malfunction and finally wear a gown with a sky-high slit. 

SKIMS SHAPEWEAR BO SHO 3365 IE CLY 0005 FR d7af91b8 2d07 4456 ac12 f2131a468923

Seamless Sculpt Solution Short in Clay, 76 AUD, Skims

These are just some of the undergarment types you could wear on your wedding day. In case you’re not sure of what would work best for you, feel free to consult a stylist or even have a piece custom made. Happy styling! 

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