Another wedding, another purse-sized packet of sugared almonds. Don’t get me wrong, I love a sugared almond (or ten), but when wedding season is in full swing, I end up with more nuts than a Nutella factory.

Unless you’ve going for a traditional wedding, there really are so many practical and exciting gifts that will leave your guests delighted.

1. Bubbly

You can never go wrong with champagne. Small bottles as a take-home gift are great and will serve a serious purpose at the next girl’s night out. Go one step further and add a set of personalised champagne glasses to really impress their socks off.


Image from theweddingclub.com

2. Soap

‘I really don’t want to use soap anymore’ – said no one, never. It’s an essential household item and a beautifully packaged bar is a great take-home for any guest.


Image from knottyontop.blogspot.ca

3. Plants

Just as your love grows, so will the bomboniere; at least it will if you give it to a guest with a green thumb! Succulents or herb plants are our pick of the bunch.


Image from thebridesdiary.blogspot.com

4. Tea Towels

A tea towel is probably one of the most practical bombonieres you can gift to your guests – especially the housewives in the room. You can print your initials and your wedding date, or even print at their names to make them feel extra special!


Image from expressions.com.au

5. USB Sticks

Remember as a teenager, when you’d make CDs of love songs for the boy you were crushing? USB sticks are the new CDs. Gather a playlist of all the songs you had at the wedding and provide it to each guest, so every time they pump the tunes, they reminisce about your big day.


Image from knottyontop.blogspot.com.au

6. Cartoon

A caricaturist is a quirky asset to any wedding day that is sure to transform your guests. Literally. Whether it be with their partner or kids, your guests will have so much fun getting sketched!


Image from caricaturesbylukewarm.co.uk

7. Candles

Scented candles never go out of style. The best bit is that you and your hubby can get creative and make your own signature fragrance.


Image from easyweddings.com.au

Main image from George and Stefan’s wedding. Photography by Alex Marks Photography

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