7 Portuguese wedding traditions that will make the romantic in you swoon

Portugese Weddings are wonderful rhobust celebrations full of food, family and love. Over the last several decades Portuguese Weddings have been modeled on the modern ceremonies in the United States and Western Europe.

However, some of the more ancient Wedding customs have been undergoing something of a revival within the past few years. Here are 7 Wedding Customs your bound to see at a traditional Portuguese Wedding.

On a further celebratory note, despite being overwhelmingly Catholic, Portugal was also one of the first countries in the world to legalise same sex marriage.

Portugal we salute you!

1. Golden oldies

Whilst for some of us the thought of having our grandparents tag along on a night out may seem rather odd. In Portugal it is customary for the oldest members of the Bride and Grooms community to attend the Bucks party where the Groom bids farewell to his single life and single friends.

2. Walking to the Church

Whilst nearly all Brides prepare themselves for a walk down the aisle, in Portugal the Brides journey begins long before the church. Still closely upheld in villages and small communities is the tradition by which the Bride walks to the church with her wedding party, closely followed by the Wedding guests. You would definitely want to be wearing comfortable shoes!

Portuguese wedding

Image via: weddingsonline.ie

portuguese wedding

Image via: weddingsonline.ie

3. Passing of the Brides Shoe

Yes you heard correctly, this ancient tradition is still very much alive and involves passing around the Brides shoe during the reception and stuffing it with money. This is done to help the young couple with their honeymoon and to start their new life together. This festive tradition is still celebrated and embraced by many young couples today.

portuguese wedding tradition

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4. Money dance

There is also, traditionally, a money dance, during which young men pay for the privilege of dancing with the Bride. The Brides shoe may also be present on the dance floor as the couple collect monetary donations.

5. Let them eat cake

Traditionally the first slice of cake is offered to a single friend to bring them luck. Single guests are also encouraged to put a slice of cake under their pillow that night (not quite sure how that’s supposed to work) so that they can dream of their future beloved.

romantic portuguese wedding

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6. Sibling love

Portuguese custom dictates that if a younger sibling marries before the first, the eldest must dance barefoot on the sibling’s Wedding; otherwise, they won’t find a partner. Yikes talk about pressure!

7. The great escape

Towards the end of the night the Bride and Groom are expected to quite literally escape from their Wedding, to spend their first night alone together. Although this is often easier said then done with guests doing everything in their power to deter them from leaving. The escape of the Bride and Groom becomes a huge competition of great theatricality and humor, with guests often playing a series of pranks ranging from hiding their luggage, taking the car away, to keeping them under the spotlight all night.

traditional portugese wedding

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