6 year-old girl creates cute to-do list after she was asked to be a flower girl!

6 year-old girl creates cute to-do list after she was asked to be a flower girl

When Niamh Heneghan was asked to be her aunts flower girl, she wasted no time getting organised for the big day by creating her own to-do list! #bless

Proving herself to be the most dedicated and prepared flower girl we’ve ever seen, Niamh was seen preparing a to-do list by her father after her aunt asked her to be her flower girl for her wedding later this month – December 27:

“Last Sunday, I saw her writing this to-do list and I asked her what she was doing.” her father Richie explained.
“And she said, ‘I’m just doing my to-do list!’ And I said, ‘Why?’ And she said, ‘In case I forget anything.’”

Flower Girl To-do list by Niamh Heneghan Age 6

Niamh’s to-do list included the very important tasks of “practice walking down the aisle” multiple times and “sew a cardigan and a dress”…but not until after she asks her mother “how to sew” the day prior. ???

“She’s exceptionally excited about the whole thing. It’s her first time being a flower girl,” her father added.

Her father Richie originally uploaded the image of her to-do list to Facebook because he “thought it was funny.” And it quickly got attention. “She’s such a character!” he added, saying that “She’s passionate about everything that she gets involved in.”

Well we for one think that Niamh will make an adorable, well-prepared little flower girl, and we can’t wait to see the pictures!

Funny flower girl moment

All images via Facebook: Richie Heneghan

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