Weddings trends are fantastic and we’ve never seen a flower wall, mason jar or dessert bar that we didn’t get excited about; however, if you’re looking for ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest, look no further.

We’ve compiled 10 unique wedding ideas that none of your friends would’ve seen, let alone had a chance to use for their own Big Day.

1. Artisanal Cotton Candy

Mark our word, the next big thing in sweet treats will be cotton candy (otherwise known as fairy floss). Forget about the chocolate cake and doughnut fad, cotton candy is now available; and with flavours like maple bacon, mojito and rosewater, it’s a must taste.CANDY

Image from fluffe.com

2. Topiary

We’ve seen it all when it comes to florals (thanks in part to the uber talented Jeff Leatham and Karen Tran), so start your own style trend with topiary. Beautiful greenery shaped into animals, hearts or even just the classic sphere, work well as table centrepieces or statement décor at the venue.topairu

Image from stylemagazines.com.au

3. Cereal Bar

Love the idea of a dessert bar, but want something more exciting? Cereal Bars are the answer. Instead of your favourite pastries, have large jars filled with your favourite cereal and jugs of milks. The more sugar, the brighter and the more added preservatives, the better!CEREAL

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4. Prop Favours

Instead of handing out chocolates, almonds and candles, why not gift guests with props that they can use for photos throughout the reception? If your theme is beachy, consider beautiful gold sandals; if the theme is Middle Eastern, provide head-chains. This way, you’re guaranteed extra photos throughout the night.SHOES

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5. Looking Local

Your friends might be constantly making long distance calls to the USA for a Vera Wang gown, but buck the trend and opt for local Australian suppliers. With so many internationally renowned local talent, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll also probably save money and effort by looking local.5

Image from Aislinn and Jimi’s wedding. Photography by Luke Simon Photography and Maya Kolega Photography.

Main image from Aislinn and Jimi’s wedding. Photography by Luke Simon Photography and Maya Kolega Photography.

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