5 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Day Social Media

As the adage goes, ‘If it didn’t happen on social media, it didn’t happen at all.”

It’s like the official millennial proverb. Sad as that is, it holds true for how we celebrate life’s momentous occasions. Each event has an online presence, and for couples who choose to have ‘unplugged weddings’, guests just can’t seem to comprehend why they can’t check-in or Snapchat or live stream. It’s like an offline suffocation.

Anyway, those couples are like the 1%. Customising wedding social media is quirky, personal and a great way to engage guests. We’re waiting for a better time where watching the wedding from everyone else’s stories counts as attendance. And IPhone’s Airdrop sends you the cake. In the meantime, here are 5 creative ways to customise your wedding day social media.

1. #Hashtags

We bet that shortly after getting engaged, you started thinking of the perfect wedding hashtag. We don’t blame you They’re a great way to collate everyone’s pics at the end of the celebration and it’s quite fun when your wedding has its own nickname. You can opt for classic by combining your names or come up with something for all of us pun connoisseurs – like this fantastic couple, who went with the hashtag #intheNaimoflove.

2. Snapchat Filter

As if we didn’t love filters enough, you can personalise them for your wedding day. Guests will be excited to snap pics and use the geo-filter! Plus, it adds the perfect online sentiment to your Big Day.

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3. Photobooth

Have all the fun with fellow guests and use props to compete for the best photo-booth pic of the night! Paste and sign one photo print into the guest book and then also upload it straight to Instagram! You get the best of both worlds with this one.


4. Instagram Cut-Out

Make the online, offline. Even the unplugged weddings can use this one.

5. Snapchat Event Story

Snapchat has a form of Story designed to make sharing big celebrations easy. You’ll be able to create Geofenced Stories that you can name after your wedding hashtag. Nearby Snapchat users and friends from around the world can all participate in and watch guest highlights! Only the people in the story can watch them, which is a great way to remain intimate. It’s a perfect way to watch everyone’s experience the next day when you flick through your wedding story.

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Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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