The bridal bouquet is a reflection of the bride’s personal style and flair. As we know there are a lot of flower options out there for your bouquet and some with names that even florists can’t pronounce (seriously, is it Pee-OH-nee or pee-uh-nee?!) So it makes sense really, that choosing this once in a lifetime accessory is a little daunting!

Here are 5 unique and beautiful bouquets that you may want to consider …

Composite Bouquet 

Leslie Hartig floral design
Leslie Hartig Floral design

A composite bouquet is an arrangement of different petals or buds wired or glued together. This creates the illusion of one big flower! These were popular in the 40s and 50s, but with the Pinterest and DIY craze, they’re definitely back.

Cascade Bouquet

Ken Boek
Ken Boek

Be different with a cascade bouquet. This type of bouquet is a textured, unstructured arrangement. It consists of numerous trails of flowers spilling off the bouquet to create a waterfall effect. We are loving this modern take on Princess Di’s infamous wedding bouquet.

Pomander Bouquet 

Tulip Blooming creations

A pomander is a ball of flowers suspended by a ribbon and usually worn on the wrist, perfect for the flower girls. It originated in England in the middle ages and signified goodwill, then later loyalty and devotion. Be warned though, a large pomander can weigh a fair bit!

A Wreath

Love N Fresh flowers
Love N Fresh flowers

A wreath is a band of flowers or foliage intertwined into a ring. This is one of the most unique options out there. Originally popular for the flower girls, we’re seeing this trend expand to brides now and we can’t wait to see where it ends up!

Sceptre Bouquet

Beautiful Blooms
Beautiful Blooms

This one is for the ladies who want to take the phrase “You’re a princess on your big day” literally. A sceptre bouquet is rod or wand held in the hand and adorned with flowers. Of all the options, this is probably the most dramatic so it might not be for all brides. For you ladies considering it though, the sceptre is a great choice if you don’t want to obscure your dress.

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