So, you’ve got the ring of your dreams on your hot little hand – there’s no way you’re taking it off…right? Wrong.  If you haven’t taken off your gorgeous engagement ring in the last 24 hours, it’s likely that you’re causing it serious damage.

There are a few things you do everyday that you probably don’t realise are bad for your bling, so read up and commit these to memory.

1. Sleeping in your ring

An engagement and wedding ring become an extension of you, meaning most brides don’t take them off, even when they go to sleep. But, while you sleep, you toss and turn, meaning your ring and it’s raised setting can get caught on loose threads in the bedding or on your partner. Although these are only small scratches and pulls, over time it builds up, making your ring more prone to breakages.

2. Washing the pans

Most rings should be fine to wear when you wash most dishes, however when you bring out the scouring pads to scrub those hard-to-clean pots and pans, it’s time to remove your jewels. Abrasive chemicals and metals scourers can cause tiny scratches on your ring, or worse, start eating away at the metal. I recommend you play it safe and when in doubt, take off the ring before cleaning.

3. Cooking

Rolling out some cookie dough? Marinating a leg of lamb? Kneading some bread? Although your beau will appreciate your efforts in the kitchen, your engagement ring won’t. Any of these tasks will likely leave remnants of food caught in the crevices of your ring. Just think, in a few years, who knows what sort of germs will be hiding beneath your carat!

4. Moisturising

That decadent body butter that you slather on your skin is leaving a thick residue on your ring, which will discolour the stonges and make it really tricky to clean, especially if it’s white gold or platinum. Moisturising without removing your ring is a sure-fire way to reduce its shine.

5. Your work-out

However you prefer to work-up a sweat, whether it’s a game of tennis, a quick swim or lifting some weights, if you don’t remove your ring, you’re going to cause it damage. The chlorine in pools can cause your ring to wear, the tennis  raquet can dint and the weights can scratch.  Your best bet is to leave your ring at home, or store it in your gym locker.





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