As a bride, you’re not exempt from the gift-giving at the wedding. Yours best girls (aka your bridesmaids) are in need of some serious thank-you presents after all their support in the lead up to your Big Day.

The biggest problem is that all our bridesmaids have such different personalities, it’s almost impossible to find something that all of them will love; and how many brides have time to individually source a thoughtful gift for each maid?

We feel your pain and have put together 5 hacks for finding your bridesmaids awesome gifts, without spending hours trawling the internet and maxxing out your credit card.

1. Be Consistent

It’s a sweet idea to buy each bridesmaid their own individual gift, but it’s not necessary. Buying all the girls the same present means there won’t be any unwanted tension or jealousy over who got what, but it also means that you don’t have to spend hours personalising everything! Hampers are the perfect option, as they generally come with a few different inclusions, meaning there’s bound to be something that pleases everyone. Alternatively, consider taking your girls out for a special brunch or dinner!


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2. Add a Note

Although you don’t need to buy individual gifts for each girl, you do need to need to write a personal message to each ‘maid. This part of the gifting process is the part that you should spend the most time. Include an anecdote or a personal joke that only your bridesmaid would understand and don’t forget to thank her for being by your side on the biggest day of your life.

3. Double Up

By the time you come to purchasing the bridesmaid’s gifts, your wedding budget is probably already stretched; so a great tip is to buy your best girls something that they’ll use for the wedding anyway. Kristy Breed from Le Rose Hampers says that jewellery is a classic example of this, but if you want something a little different, consider buying matching robes for all the maids. Kristy tells us that so many brides right now are purchasing ‘bridesmaid’ robes that are worn for the ‘getting ready’ photos and given as a gift that the girls will use again and again.robes

Image from Le Rose Hampers’ Instagram

4. Time It

Traditionally, the bridesmaid gifts are given on the morning of the wedding, however, if you’re giving the girls jewellery or a robe to wear on the Big Day, you can choose to hand them out earlier. It’s not unusual to see the bride giving the gifts during the rehearsal dinner, or even the bridal shower!

5. The Three C’s

Kristy says that champagne, chocolates, cookies are perfect additions as gifts and will definitely be used throughout the wedding day to keep everyone’s energy levels high.

Le Rose hampers offer brides the perfect solution to the bride’s question – what do I buy my best girls? With a range of hampers available from $39 – $200, there’s an option for every budget and taste.

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