5 Foods To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

Sometimes it’s not the skincare routine or bad genes (thanks mum and dad) that are giving you acne, but rather what you’ve been eating. If you’re guilty of indulging in one the following food items below, it might be time to detox and give your skin a break, so you can look your best on your big day.


If you’re a lover of coffee or cheese or both, this is the worst news of all time. But it turns out that milk is really harmful to your skin. Milk contains harmful hormones that leads to your skin producing excess sebum (skin oils), clogged pores and inflammation. The hormones in milk also puts your body’s natural hormones out of balance. Simply put, milk can wreck a havoc to your skin.

So, if you’re skin is suffering, cut down on the cheese and switch to other milk alternatives such as soy or almond.

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This probably comes as no surprise but excessive sugar is bad not only for your health, but also for your skin. Sugar affects your skin in all kinds of ways. Excessive amounts of sugar are the leading cause for premature aging and breaks down collagen and increases oil production.

And don’t think you can curve your sugar craving by indulging on fruits. Sugar doesn’t discriminate and even healthy sugar can lead to poor results for your skin.  Make sure to stick to the daily average sugar intake.


With cheese, grease and bread, pizza is ultimately the worst for our skin. It raises blood sugar levels which triggers acne and breaks down collagen. Plus, the additional cheese and dairy is just a major no from your skin.

Juice and Sodas

Again, excessive sugar leads to redness, inflammation, wrinkles and fine lines. Juice and sodas contains large amounts of sugar and regular consumption juice and soda can result in your skin freaking out and becoming extremely irritated.


Again, bad news for coffee lovers but caffeine dehydrates the skin which leads to skin sagginess and wrinkles. For a healthier alternative, switch to drinking green tea and increasing your water intake.

If your skin is badly suffering, give it some love by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will detox your skin from all the bad food you’ve been consuming, gives your skin lots of nutrients and will prevent premature aging.


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