A Bride has the final say in most aspects of her Wedding Day, from her choice of gown, to the food and even the guest list; however, there’s one thing even the most stubborn Bride can’t control – the weather.

If you’re getting Married during the rainy season, it’s best to have a plan B, not just when it comes to your venue, but also when it comes to your hair styling. Rain can play havoc on hair and depending on your strands, you could end up with either a head full of frizz or limp, flattened locks.

We spoke with Charlie Helou from Mes Cheveux to get his hacks on how to weather-proof your Bridal hair!

1. Invest in Frizz-Fighting Hair Spray

Ask your hair stylist to recommend a quality, long-lasting hair spray to help you keep your locks tamed throughout the Big Day. Give the can to one of the Bridesmaids to keep in her emergency kit, so that you can access it whenever you see signs of frizz.


2. Don’t Touch

When your hair is wet, it becomes more porous, so the more you touch it, the more moisture you can push into the shaft. This will cause it to swell, which leads to even more frizz!


3. Consider Up

If you’re expecting rain, it might be a good idea to consider having an up-do. Don’t be led to believe that you need soft romantic curls for your Bridal look; there are so many on-trend styles from sleek ponytails to beautiful buns. Opting for an up-do will minimise the risk of your loose curls dropping or your straight strands going frizzy!

4. Get a Toothbrush

A toothbrush is probably one of the cheapest and easiest secret frizz fighters you can get! Use the toothbrush to tame those strands by spritzing it with hairspray and gently brushing through the problem areas.


Founded in 2015 by some of NSW’s most well-known hairstylists and educators, Charlie Helou and Josephine Staltari, Mes Cheveux is a new addition to Westfield Parramatta. With a plethora of awards under their belt, including 2015 Hairdresser of the Year, the team at Mes Cheveux combines contemporary styling with decades of experience.

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