24 Of The Most Creative Bonbonniere

Let’s be real Fairies, sugar-coated almonds, candles and mini liquor bottles are so overrated for wedding bonbonniere. If you’re getting married or you want to feel inspired to see what the perfect bonbonniere could be at your wedding or any other function, why not think outside the box and be original?

Impress your guests at your event with some of our top picks for the most creative bonbonniere ideas. Take a look!

1. Frame Your Memories

Nothing holds memories more than a photo of you and your loved ones at a wedding you attended. This would not only be the perfect takeaway gift from your special day, but your guests can also remember your wedding by capturing a precious moment!

2. Nail Polish Bottles

Your bridal shower bonbonniere is all sorted! Thank your bridal shower guests with the ultimate gift.


Image Via: Pinterest

3. Dessert In A Box

Feeling hungry? We’ve got you covered with this cute and scrumptious bonbonniere idea.

4. I Love You Like A Love Song

Make sure your guests remember your wedding by putting together a few of you and your partner’s favourite songs on a CD so your guests can have your wedding day on repeat.

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5. Mini Pretzels

No no, standard pretzels don’t make the cut for your perfect bonbonniere. Try these chocolate dipped pretzels that can be coordinated with your colour scheme.

6. Mini Survival Kits

For that morning after headache, these are the bonbonniere your guests will appreciate!

Image Via: Pinterest

7. Chocolate Bark

Too pretty to eat, but still oh-so-delicious!

8. Nuts About Each Other

Nut even going to tell you how cute this idea is!

Image Via: Pinterest

9. I Scream, You Scream

Topping off the perfect wedding with these mini ice cream cones.

10. The Perfect Tags

These tags will be the perfect ‘touch’ to your desired bonbonniere.

Image Via: Pinterest

11. A Gift That Will Last Forever

Beauty encapsulated in a glass, personalised box.

12. Cookies Anyone?

Nothing is as sweet as something home-made, so you’ll know that some delicious cookies will always be a winner among your guests! 

Image Via: Pinterest

13. Personalised Messages In A Bottle

Add a personal and sentimental touch to your bonbonniere gifts with a sweet little message in a bottle – a take-home gift your guests will truly remember forever.

14. Tea-riffic!

For those cold and chilly days, these take away tea tubes will be the perfect reminder of a beautiful wedding your guests attended.

15. Rosemary Scented Olive Oil Bottles

This staple ingredient will be added to all of your guests’ kitchens at the end of your wedding.

16. Wine Corks

Take a boring old cork and turn it into something special! These would tie in perfectly to anyone’s winery or outdoor wedding and your guests will definitely be putting your bonbonniere to good use.

Image Via: Pinterest

17. Personalised Crystals

Not only do these work for place cards at your wedding, but they also are so aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful memory to take home from the wedding.

18. He ‘Popped’ The Question

Your guests will definitely be satisfied taking these gorgeous bonbonniere home.

Image Via: Pinterest

19. Sweet Like Honey

These would ‘bee’ the perfect touch to any rustic or outdoor wedding.

20. Hot Chocolate

Your wedding guests will absolutely love your wedding, even more, when they know this is what they’ll be taking home.

Image Via: Pinterest

21. Smashing Bonbonniere

Who wouldn’t love a bonbonniere that’s not just beautiful on the outside, but one that reveals something special on the inside. Such a creative and fun idea!

22. Mini Nutella or Jam Jars

Your wedding guests will be spreading their favourite toppings all thanks to this delicious bonbonniere.

Image Via: Pinterest

23. Mini Cactus Plants

An amazing way to add some greenery and nature to any outdoor themed wedding.

24. Spice It Up

If your wedding guests are fans of all things hot and spicy, this would be the perfect treat for them.

Image Via: Pinterest

Written by: Alessandra Fasanella

Cover photo by: @hechoporkit

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