2024’s Most Statement Wedding Detail: Celebrating the Bow Trend with Wedded Week’s Finest

In an era where trends are constantly coming and going, the bow has triumphantly taken first place and is here to stay. The fascination with bows has stemmed beyond subtle notes throughout hairstyles, accessories or wedding stationery details, but they have recently emerged within the realms of fashion and the bridal sphere, giving wedding dresses a whimsical and dramatic touch.

Historically, the bow has been a recurring motif in bridal fashion, serving as a playful yet sophisticated accent. The bows have evolved from mere adornments to the centerpiece of bridal attire. From oversized bows that cascade down the back of a gown or a dainty bow that adds an elegant detail to a sleek and structured silhouette.

A day of unmatched personal significance, these bows become more than just a design element on your wedding day, but are a statement of individuality and sophistication.

Bridal designers have wholeheartedly embraced the bow’s charm. Previous visionaries and brides who have set their creations into motion long before the bow’s resurgence as a viral sensation have proven themselves as the true trendsetters that truly remain iconic. Collections and brides that come to mind from the ethereal, Grace Kelly ensembles to audacious minis and fluid ballet-inspired pieces embrace notions of femininity and class, unified by the bow in various notions.

In celebration of the world’s largest online wedding expo, let’s spotlight some of the illustrious names from our Wedded Week lineup, showcasing the bow in all its splendor.

Annette of Melbourne

This stunning creation by Annette of Melbourne features an exquisite ball gown adorned with a voluminous bow at the waist, epitomizing bridal grandeur.

Eternal Bridal

A showstopping silhouette, striking neckline, and statement bow encapsulates femininity in this beautiful look by Eternal Bridal.

The Sposa Group

Minimalistic and sleek, the gorgeous Hestia gown offers simplicity in the most effortless manner which can be found at The Sposa Group Australia.

SI&EM Couture

Bows are not off-limits for even the littlest members of the bridal party. Compliment your bridal look and gown with your flower girls by adding precious details like this bow created by SI&EM Couture.

Vera Wang

Dutchess satin and tulle complemented by a statement shoulder bow adds that iconic touch to this masterpiece created by Vera Wang.

The Ivory Room Bridal

The perfect dress for the modern, minimal yet practical bride. The Lucia gown features a stunning structured and tailored silhouette with a detachable bow, offering an effortless transition from ceremony to reception for your special day.

White Runway

We can’t forget about the bridesmaids! This stylish dress is the perfect option for your girls to match your bridal look. Available in 13 beautiful colours to compliment your overall wedding theme, the Mia Gown can be found at White Runway.

By Adrienne Monteverde

Something blue and captured as a moment in time. Bows are not limited to just your gown, but can also be included throughout your other bridal details such as your wedding shoes. Forever cherish the smaller details and elements of your bridal look with a custom painting created by the talented Adrienne Monteverde. Specialising in custom wedding and fashion illustrations, turn a moment from your special day and relive it everyday.

As we eagerly anticipate the world’s largest online wedding expo, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities that bows can offer or can be featured on your special day. Whether bold and dramatic or soft and feminine, a bow can transform your bridal look into a personal statement of style and elegance. Join us in celebrating this timeless trend that beautifully ties the know between tradition and modernity.


Can you add a bow to a wedding dress?

Bows can be placed in many different areas throughout the design of the wedding dress. Based on the bride’s personal preferences and style, a prominent bow at the back adds a statement and dramatic element as opposed to bows at the waist to create a flattering, cinched looked that accentuates the silhouette.

How much does the average wedding dress cost in Australia?

According to Canstar’s report, the average wedding dress in Australia costs at $2,304.00 AUD.

How much do wedding dress alternations cost in Australia?

Alterations are individualised to the bride’s needs and requirements. The majority of alternations cost between $700 and $1,500.


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