There are so many differences in Wedding traditions around the world, but the one aspect that will never change is the importance of the Bride’s gown. From the stark red gowns of the Chinese Brides (which signify prosperity and love), to the silk saris of the Sri Lankan Brides, here are 19 jaw-droppingly beautiful dresses that are as unique as the culture they come from.

1. Japan

Main_japanImage from wild-about-travel.com

2. Iraq

MAIN_ IraqImage from Prezi/Manni Francis

3. Russia

MAIN_russiaImage from Amjad M. Jaimoukha

4. Nigeria

MAIN_nigeriaImage from Wedded Wonderland

5. North Korea

MAIN_North KoreaImage from techinsider.io

6. Bamako

MAIN_bamakoImage from George Monger

7. Peru

MAIN_PeruImage from Pie Peru

8. Palestine

MAIN_PalestineImage from Al Monitor

9. Tibet

MAIN_TibetImage from Tibet Tour

10. Kenya

MAIN_KenyaImage from Robert Fernea

11. India

MAIN_IndiaImage from The Big Fat Indian Wedding

12. Pakistan

MAIN_PakistanImage from Wikipedia

13. Indonesia

MAIN_IndonesiaImage from Global Indonesian Voices

14. Tajikistan

MAIN_TajikistanImage from Iranica Online

15. Jerusalem

MAIN_orthdox Jew JerusalemImage from Orthodox-Jews.com

16. Vietnamese

MAIN_ChinaImage from Linda and Michael’s wedding. Photography by Nicole Duncan Photography.

17. Bulgaria

MAIN_Bulgaria2Image from The Guardian

18. Turkey

MAIN_turkeyImage from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism

19. India

MAIN_ 2IndiaImage from Bhavisha and Aditya’s wedding. Photography by Ferndara Creative

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