15 Modern Bridal Shower Ideas You Will Love

Sick of playing the same bridal shower games and seeing the same themes recycled for every bridal event? Why not think outside to box and host a modern bridal shower that will provide an unforgettable experience for yourself and your guests.

For all the modern brides out there who want to do things differently, we’ve got 12 modern bridal shower ideas that you will love.

Here you go!

Host A Wine Tasting Event

What’s a bridal shower without some bubbles? Invite a wine specialist to guide the group through wine tasting or plan a weekend trip away for you and your closest friends. Theme the tasting around a place you have traveled or where you’ll be honeymooning. Accompany your beverages with family-styled Italian meals which is always a crowd pleasure, set up on long farm tables to have the perfect and unique bridal shower.

Unleash Your Inner Beyoncé

Step out like Beyoncé on the opening night of her world tour on your bridal shower. Hire a choreographer to teach you and your guests a signature dance to your favourite songs. If your family or culture have a traditional dance, why not teach your bridal shower guests how to dance so everyone can get up on the dance floor on your big day!

Create Your Own Beauty Products

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best leading up to their special day? Get your girls and create your own sugar scrubs, lipsticks and many more beauty products that you get to personalise and take home after. If beauty or makeup products aren’t really your thing, why not have a perfumer help you make a custom scent.

Calligraphy Classes

Sign up your guests for a calligraphy workshop and master the art of beautiful handwriting that will impress everyone. It’s something many guests would love to learn and would be super impressed!


Cook Up A Storm

Cooking classes are something that are so popular that are great for team building but also are lots of fun with the element of interaction. You don’t even have to book a fancy cooking school, invite your guests to rotate and take turns in your own kitchen!

Make It A Charity Fundraiser

Use your bridal shower as the perfect opportunity to give back. Pick a foundation or charity that resonates with you and start your new married life by establishing a no-gift policy and instead allow your guests to give back.

Hire A Chef

Step up the food at your bridal shower and hire a chef to dish up your favourite delicious meals. Take your guests around the world with different flavours and cuisines to make your bridal shower a sensory experience.

Learn Something New

Bride to be during the day, DJ by night! Set up a masterclass with a music or DJ company who offer workshops where you and your guests can learn the basics of mixing songs and getting the party started. Get a list of your guests’ favourite songs so that you can create the best mix that you’ll have forever on repeat.

Shop Till You Drop

Grant your guests’ wishes with a private shopping day. Many boutiques and brands allow for private gatherings, where champagne is served alongside canapés and personal shoppers to give you and your guests an unforgettable shopping experience. And the best part about this bridal shower, everyone leaves with a gift.

Spa Day

Sit by the pool, soak up the sun, have a massage and relax with your girlies on a perfect spa date.


Health & Wellness Day

Are you and your guests health and yoga obsessed? Serve cold pressed juices and açai bowls along with a yoga teacher to join your day to lead a relaxing meditation and yoga session. If your bridal shower is close to the date of the big day, this would be the perfect way to start feeling calm and relaxed.


Cheese And Wine

Dive into a deli and pick out your favourite wine while you and your closest girlies indulge in some cheese tasting. Host a custom cheese tasting bridal shower where your guests can learn about different types, production methods and flavours of the world’s best cheeses.

For The Creative Lovers

Put your creative skills to the test and have a bit of fun! Incorporate your favourite wine with some paint and have a fun night out with your besties.

Take A Makeup Class

Get glammed everyday! Hire a makeup company to come on site and lead a makeup class for your bridal shower. Pick up tips and tricks to improve your skills and your guests will be able to apply these new skills for their look for your wedding day!

Airbnb Experience

Do something that you wouldn’t do everyday and check out an Airbnb experience. The activities are localised, priced per person which it’s a good way to have do something different and unique for your bridal shower.

There you have it Fairies, happy planning!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: Instagram

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