13 Baby Names that Grandparents Hate

The task of finding a moniker that suits your newborn can be quite the ordeal, with some families having dramatic arguments about what the baby should be named.

But according to a new survey one in five grandparents hate the name of their grandchildren and six per cent of families have even fallen out over the choice in names. A crazy four per cent stated that the disagreement had caused a complete breakdown in relationships.

The survey by Mumsnet in collaboration with their sister site Gransnet has revealed some more intense findings. Almost 30 per cent of grandparents think the name is too odd or were annoyed that their own names weren’t chosen. 5 per cent thought the names were too plain or ugly. Others thought the names would embarrass the child or was terribly old fashion. And grandmothers were the greatest offender with 45 per cent reporting objections to their grandchild’s names.


But what were the names that topped the list of most offensive to grandparents? Here are 13 of the most unpopular names according to grandparents.

1. Aurora

Aurora was the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn and became popular after Charles Perrault wrote the original sleeping beauty. This sweet baby name topped the most unpopular name.

2. Jack

This boy’s name was originally used as a way to refer to any man but grew in popularity during the 1920’s. Still quite a popular name now, the name was the biggest offender for boy’s names.

3. Charlotte

Derived from the name Charles, the name Charlotte means petite and feminine. A popular name for royalty i.e. Princess Charlotte, we can’t quite understand why grandparents can hate about this name.

4. Noah

With origins from the famous biblical story, Noah means rest or comfort. The second most popular name for boys this year, but still grandparents were not impressed by this name.

5. Edna

A female name meaning pleasure, this name was extremely popular in the late 1800’s and has recently had a slight comeback. But according to the child’s grandparents, this names is way too old fashioned.


6. Roger

Germanic in origins the name means famous spear and we can think of a few famous faces with the name Roger (Roger Federer, Roger Moore…) but it seems Roger is most unpopular with grandparents.

7. Lindsay

The name Lindsay is Scottish and means from the island of the lime tree. A common boy’s name, turned into a popular girls name and grandparents just don’t like it.

8. Elijah

Another name with Biblical origins, the name Elijah has skyrocketed in popularity, sitting at number eight most popular name this year. But fourth most disliked by grandparents.


9. Sally

This moniker is actually a pet form of Sarah which means princess. Unlike naming a child princess, this name is super sweet but unfavourable with grandparents who thought the name was too plain.

10. Frank

This one makes us think of Frank Sinatra, one of the suavest musicians ever. How could one be offended by this baby name? But according to the survey, this was one of the most unpopular names.

11. Bertha

Bertha is one of those names that disappeared for a while and remerged out of nowhere. This cute name is seemingly offensive to grandparents, you called this name ugly.


12. Finn

Short for Finnegan this name means fair and we can’t see why grandparents were so offended by this charming name.

13. Tabitha

This Biblical name translates to beauty and grace from Hebrew. Hugely popular in the 80’s this name reminds us of the 60’s sitcom Bewitched. Could this be why it’s so offensive to grandparents? We think it’s bewitching.


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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