11 wacky things that are preventing you from becoming pregnant

When you and your partner decide to start a family, you can go from zero to baby-zilla in less time that it takes you to say ‘hurry, I’m at peak fertility!’.

All of a sudden, you’re both on organic diets, timing your period and scheduling sex in your diary.

Research suggests that one out of five couples who are trying for a child become successful within the first month, but if you don’t immediately become ‘with child’, here are seven wacky things that might be holding you back!

1. Sitting Still

If your husband sits down for too long at his office job, you might be at risk. Try moving around and becoming active to get that blood pumping.

2. Wearing Tighty-Whiteys

Research says wearing tight underwear is actually worse than smoking or drinking! Loosen up men, we need your sperm for the long run.

3. Sweating it up in the Bath

Paul Turek, a lead investigator into male infertility at the UCSF department of urology said that super-hot baths and saunas are a fertility no-no! “We now have actual evidence to show patients that these recreational activities are a real risk factor for male infertility.”

4. Salami

Put down that Spam sandwich or that pepperoni pizza, because eating processed meats can affect how quickly you’ll get preggers.

5. Artificial Gains

This may be obvious, but taking steroids or recreational drugs, or drinking alcohol can play havoc on your fertility. If you must have a glass of wine, try to limit yourself to one drink per week.

6. Smelly Breath

Strangely enough, male infertility is closely linked to a man’s oral health, so if his teeth are looking yellow, or his breath is bad, it’s time for a trip to the dentist!

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7. Using Lube

Uh-oh, using lube during sex can also affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Experts recommend that if you must use lubricant, opt for a water-based one as they are generally filled with less toxins.

8. Eating Only Veges

Sorry vegetarians and vegans; if you are vegan or vegetarian, there is a possibility you might have a very low iron count, which is directly linked to the sperm count!

9. Laptop Users

Laptops are made to be used on your lap… right? However, the heat from the computer could be damaging your man’s sperm count. Try buying a laptop board for it to sit on so the heat is not directly on himself and you might hear the pitter patter of little toddlers in no time.

10. City Dwelling

This one definitely is the craziest fertility facts! Pollution from cars, buses and even the wind, can harm your future child’s health as it sits within your body.

11. Drinking Coffee

Caffeine is always a risk and drinking it whilst you are trying to get your partner pregnant could lead to a miscarriage.

Always remember, if you are having problems getting pregnant, make sure you consult your GP!

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