11 Themes for Destination Weddings To Consider

Picking the right location for destination weddings is one thing, but you can’t forget about the overall theme of your special day.  Deciding on a theme for your destination wedding can help you figure out other important details like your venue, decor, and dress code. 

The theme for destination weddings can be anything you want it to be. However, choosing one related to your destination is a good idea. A theme ensures cohesion and will make your event more seamless. But most importantly, the theme should reflect you as a couple.

Here are different themes you can choose from for destination weddings:


Tropical destination weddings by the beach.
Photo from Wedding Boutique Phuket

Imagine this: saying your I-dos on a white sandy beach, with the waves humming in the background, and your reception under a roof hut with tiki torches to set up the mood. You use bright colors, palm trees, and vibrant and exotic flowers inspired by tropical regions for your decor. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to be by the ocean to pull off a tropical-themed destination wedding.


Bohemian themed destination wedding with fun patterned cushions and rugs.
Photo from Tie the Knot Santorini

For the free-spirited and artistic partners, a bohemian-themed wedding features relaxed and informal elements, such as floral patterns, fringe, and macramé. Tucked away in a meadow, with mason jars as centerpieces and a reception with guests lounging on patterned rugs and cushions. Elements like fairy lights, boho-chic details, and live music will complete the event. 


Magical garden themed wedding with nature, flowers, and trees surrounding you.
Photo by Ariel Renae Photography

There is just so much magic and romance being surrounded by nature. You can go for a garden-themed destination wedding in a beautiful botanical garden with rows of white folding chairs surrounded by flowers and trees. The reception could be held in a glass greenhouse, with tables adorned with cascading floral centerpieces and string lights overhead.


Rustic vibes for wedding reception held in a barn.
Photo by Natalie J Weddings Photography

Your rustic destination wedding can take inspiration from the natural beauty and simplicity of rural life in quaint little towns of Italy, France, or Spain.  It can include elements such as barns, hay bales, and burlap. Imagine a wedding ceremony in a rustic barn, with mason jar lanterns hanging from the rafters and the reception held in a tent with wooden tables, wildflower centerpieces, and twinkling fairy lights.


Beautiful table set up for vintage themed destination wedding.
Photo by Nicole Ashley Photography

A glamorous vintage-style wedding can be inspired by the old-world charm from a specific era in the past, such as the 1920s or 1950s. This theme can be highlighted by using vintage dresses, decorations, and music. You can have your ceremony in a grand ballroom with your guests dressed in vintage-inspired attire and your venue adorned with antique candelabras and vintage-style centerpieces. 


Traditional church wedding for destination weddings.
Photo by Kristin Brown Photography

Pay homage to your and your partner’s culture and ethnicity by going for a traditional-themed wedding. If you’re going for the classic route, you can have a wedding ceremony in a beautiful church in your chosen destination, with the bride in a classic white gown and the reception held in a grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers and regal decor. 


Minimalistic modern wedding themes.
Photo from Love Is A Big Deal

Sometimes less is more. A modern-themed destination wedding can be held in a modern art museum with the reception held in a sleek event space with geometric centerpieces and minimalist decor. This theme is inspired by contemporary style and features clean lines, minimalistic flair, and modern touches.


Nautical themed destination weddings with monogram on table decor.
Photo from Empress Stationery

Young, classic and timeless are some words to describe this theme. It is characterized by pastel colors, monograms, and traditional elements such as polo shirts and pearls. Have your wedding in a courtyard, private villa, or a beautiful garden with guests dressed in pastel-colored attire. Your reception can feature grand tents, tables adorned with monogrammed linens, and classic floral centerpieces.


Whimsical wedding surrounded by loved ones and a fairytale-like venue.
Photo by Lauren Mihae Photography

Take inspiration from your favorite fairy tales and turn your venue into a magical and whimsical place. Your decorations can include elements such as enchanted forests, fairy lights, and the ethereal touch of nature. You can choose a beautiful forest glade for your ceremony and a tent decorated with twinkling fairy lights and tables featuring imaginative centerpieces for your reception.


Sustainable and eco-friendly themed destination weddings.
Photo from Coco Wedding Venues

If you’re an eco-conscious couple, you can hold a sustainable wedding. Use conscious and eco-friendly materials and practices like locally-grown flowers, dresses crafted from deadstock fabrics, and reusable decorations. You can also service organic and locally-sourced dishes and giveaway eco-friendly items such as potted plants or beeswax candles.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding destination theme. You can even make your own theme, one that shows both of your personalities. It’s all about creativity and making the experience memorable for you and your guests.

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