Get Hitched Like A Pro: 10 Wedding Tips From Content Creators Who Have Seen It All!

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Planning a wedding in 2024 means embracing new trends, focusing on personalized experiences, and ensuring every detail reflects the couple’s unique love story. From choosing your wedding dress to choosing the perfect wedding venue, the journey toward you dream wedding day can feel endless. It’s no surprise that by the time your big day comes around, you’ve been so hung up in the wedding planning process that you forget the basics of what your wedding party is about: you and your partner!

With insights from The Modern Bride’s BFF, one of our amazing Wedded Week partners (and an expert who’s attended OVER 100 Weddings), here’s a curated list of wedding tips to help navigate your big day… on the day.

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1. Prioritize Your Peace

Begin your wedding day with a moment between just you and your partner. Starting the day with your best friend by your side can really help keep those wedding day jitters away. From there, ensure you spend the day being present and looking after yourself. It’s a big day and you deserve to enjoy it to its fullest.

2. Emergency Kit Essentials

An essential wedding emergency kit includes safety pins, fashion tape, a mini sewing kit, stain remover, band-aids, blister patches, and a portable phone charger. Add beauty touch-up products, like powder, lipstick and lipgloss. Breath mints and snacks (our favorites are always sweet!) are vital for keeping your energy levels up and warding away bad breath.

3. Delegate Wisely

Sure you can delegate to family and friends, but with so many pieces to juggle, hiring a wedding planner is truly a lifesaver. Not only does it mean you have an expert on the case, but it means that your friends and family can enjoy your special day to the fullest with you rather than racing around in the background.

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4. Time Buffer Benefits

Even after the most incredible wedding planning, something will inevitably go wrong or timing will be different to what was initially planned. Work with your wedding planner to ensure sure that there’s plenty of time for spontaneous moments and quick breathers throughout the day.

5. Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Drink water. And eat. The amount of brides and grooms that have admitted that they barely had a chance to enjoy their reception dinner is scary. With a roomful of your guests wanting to congratulate you, it’s hard to prioritize eating and drinking, but it’s vital to making sure you get through the day and, more importantly, enjoy yourself. And yes, you deserve at least one slice of your own wedding cake!

6. First Look Flexibility

First Looks are fast becoming the wedding trend that you’d be silly to skip. Ensure you make time for a first look to grab some stunning photos and to reinforce that this special day is all about the two of you.

7. Tech Tips for Sharing the Day

Move over traditional wedding invitations, a wedding website is the go-to way to share all the details of your wedding celebrations, from engagement party to rehearsal dinner. Featuring your love story, wedding date and wedding venue, it’s a great way to share live streaming links (great for guests unable to attend a destination wedding) and photos from the big day.

8. Comfort Over Everything

Now this might be controversial, but if your wedding shoes are causing you a world of pain, take them off. And test run your new lipstick to make sure it’s not super drying!

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9. Capture Spontaneous Moments

2024 wedding trends are all about capturing those candid moments, from laughter during the cocktail hour to tears of joy during wedding vows. Hiring a wedding content creator is a great way to capture the unfiltered moments that would have otherwise been captured (especially fun videos from the dance floor!).

10. Post-Celebration Plan

Take a break! After months of wedding planning, it’s time to kick your feet up and have a mini vacation. Whether it’s an overseas honeymoon or a staycation, give yourself ample time to rejuvenate as newlyweds.

Are you considered hiring a wedding content creator for your big day?


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