10 Unusual Wedding Traditions You Didn’t Know Existed

Weddings are special occasions that celebrate love, unity, and the joining of two individuals in matrimony. While many wedding traditions are well-known and widely practiced, there are some unique and fascinating customs from around the world that you probably haven’t heard of before. Case in point: below are 10 unusual wedding traditions that will surprise and captivate you. These extraordinary rituals showcase the diversity and richness of cultures worldwide, proving that love knows no bounds when it comes to celebrating in extraordinary ways.

10 Unusual Wedding Traditions You Didn’t Know That Existed

1. Blackening of the Bride and Groom – Scotland

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In Scotland, there’s a peculiar tradition known as the “blackening of the bride and groom.” In this pre-wedding ritual, the couple is captured by friends and family, covered in various messy substances like rotten food, mud, and even feathers. This playful and messy act symbolizes the cleansing of bad luck and evil spirits, ensuring a fresh start for the couple’s married life.

2. Smashing Plates – Germany

In Germany, it’s not uncommon for guests to break porcelain dishes during wedding celebrations. This tradition, known as “Polterabend,” involves smashing plates and other ceramic items, creating a cacophony of noise. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the couple. After the smashing spectacle, the couple must work together to clean up the mess, signifying their ability to overcome challenges in their marriage.

3. Kidnapping the Bride – Romania

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In some regions of Romania, an exciting tradition called “bride kidnapping” takes place. Friends of the groom will “kidnap” the bride before the wedding ceremony and take her to a secret location. The groom is then tasked with finding and rescuing his bride. This thrilling and lighthearted tradition symbolizes the groom’s determination and love for his future wife.

4. Marrying a Tree – India

In certain parts of India, people born under the astrological influence of Mars are believed to be cursed and susceptible to an early death. To break this curse, it is customary for them to first marry a tree before marrying their intended human partner. The tree is then cut down, symbolizing the end of the curse, and the person is free to marry their chosen spouse.

5. Tossing the Bouquet with a Twist – Greece

In Greece, the tradition of tossing the bouquet to single women takes an unexpected twist. Instead of the bride tossing her bouquet, the groom throws his tie into a crowd of unmarried male guests. The man who catches the tie is believed to be the next one in line to get married. This lively and gender-reversed tradition adds an exciting element to the wedding festivities.

6. Crying Ritual – China

In the Tujia ethnic group in China, brides are required to cry for an hour a day, starting one month before their wedding. The bride’s mother, grandmother, and even female relatives join in the ritual. The purpose of this tradition is to ensure good fortune and ward off evil spirits. The crying starts off as a genuine expression of happiness and gradually becomes a heartfelt display of longing as the wedding day approaches.

7. Breaking a Glass – Jewish Tradition

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In Jewish weddings, it is customary for the groom to break a glass under his foot at the end of the ceremony. The breaking of the glass symbolizes the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and serves as a reminder of the challenges and sorrows in life. It is also a moment for the couple and guests to shout, “Mazel Tov!” meaning “good luck” in Hebrew.

8. Money Dance – Philippines

In the Philippines, a lively tradition called the “money dance” takes place at wedding receptions. During this dance, male guests pin money onto the bride’s wedding gown or place it in her purse while dancing with her. This gesture is seen as a way to contribute to the couple’s future and help them start their married life on a prosperous note.

9. Tree Planting Ceremony – South Africa

In some South African weddings, couples participate in a tree planting ceremony as a symbol of their growing love and commitment. They plant a young tree together, nurturing it over time, just as they will nurture their relationship throughout their married life. This eco-friendly tradition embodies the idea of a strong foundation and shared growth.

10. Kissing the Fish – Sweden

In certain regions of Sweden, there is a unique wedding tradition called “kissing the fish.” During the reception, the bride and groom are presented with a large, pickled herring. They must each take a bite while keeping their lips locked in a kiss. It is believed that if they can manage to kiss with the fish between their lips, their marriage will be filled with good luck and prosperity.

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