10 Stunning Blooms For Your Winter Bouquet

The warm glow of lit candles, rich colour palettes, and the desire to pull our loved ones in close are reasons why winter weddings are so charming. Not to mention, all of the stunning flowers that are in full bloom during the colder season.

Icy Winter Bouquet

Embrace your inner ice queen and use burgundy hues and rough textures to make your bouquet stand out. To all the brides who wish for snow on their wedding day, these chilly-weather flowers will make you swoon.

Here are 10 stunning blooms to add to your winter bouquet.

King Proteas

This South African flower deserves to be front and centre in your winter bouquet. There aren’t many flowers that can rival the unique shape of King Proteas, swiftly styled by Matthew Landers with baby breathes.



Anemones are a staple winter flower. The bright white petals look especially great contrasted against burgundy blooms and the black centre compliments darker hues.

Dusty Miller (Silver Ragwort)

Dusty Miller is terrific foliage for winter bouquets because of its icy tones. The leaves look as if they have been dusted lightly with snow.


Nothing says romance quite like a rose. The rich red variety looks fabulous in moody bunches. They are the hero of all wedding bouquets.


Known to line the garden beds of suburbia, Hydrangeas are a great addition to any bouquet. They come in a range of colours from vibrant blues to icy white. The pH of the soil determines the shade of the petal.

Lily of the Valley

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle featured Lily of the Valley in their bouquets. Not only is this a delicate addition to your arrangement but it will also throw a captivating scent.


Ranunculus are like peonies, only better. The lushly layered petals add volume to your bouquet and come in a variety of dusty colours.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaf

The silver dollar eucalyptus leaf is another excellent foliage leaf. The circular muted green leaves added height and depth, and pay homage to an iconic Australian native.


Gossypium, or the Cotton Flower as it’s more commonly known, add lightness to a winter bouquet. Pick flowers that are just ready to be harvest for cotton as they will look like soft fluffy clouds.


Dark juicy elderberries look fabulous scattered around the outside of your arrangement. They add different texture and shape to eclectic bouquets.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

Feature image by North St Botanical

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