10 Must-Take Photo Ops For Your Wedding Day

You’ve picked your wedding photographer and now it’s your wedding day – but what are the absolutely crucial photos you’re going to regret not seeing in your wedding album? Here are 10 must-have shots that every photographer should aim to capture on your big day:

1. The Family Ensemble

Gather all close family members, and yes, that includes your extended family, too! It’s a wonderful opportunity for a grand photo with everyone – and even better for making custom magnets for the family later.

Image by Instagram.com/siempreweddings

2. Champagne Pop

Who knew that you, your newly minted spouse, and your friends popping that bubbly, would make for such an iconic wedding moment? Cheers to that picture-perfect fizz and sparkle!

Image by Instagram.com/siempreweddings

3. Confetti Walk

Nothing screams “just married” like strutting through a shower of confetti with your other half. This is the shot that dreams (and awesome slow-mo videos) are made of! If this isn’t on your wedding shot list, add it quick!

Image by Instagram.com/splendidweddingphotography

4. The First Kiss

The ultimate in wedding photos for a reason – it’s the big moment everyone’s waiting for! Ensure your celebrant moves to the side, so that your wedding photographer can capture the best first kiss picture ever.

Image by Instagram.com/compass.films

5. Golden Hour Glow

Golden hour is a photographer’s dream, and for good reason. Make sure to schedule time during your own wedding to take advantage of the glowy sunset and capture the dreamiest of wedding photos.

Image by Instagram.com/janelle.elise.photo

6. Laughter with the Bridal Party

From getting your hair and makeup done to pictures of you and your bridal party, capture those precious moments with your ride-or-dies.

Image by Instagram.com/ivyroadphotography

7. Highlight Your Wedding Venue

You spent weeks (or even months) choosing the perfect wedding venue, so be sure to add your favorite locations you want to capture to the wedding shot list.

Image by Instagram.com/ivyroadphotography

8. The Sparkling Details

Don’t miss those glamorous details like the Jimmy Choo shoes perfect for dancing or those custom cufflinks you had made for the big day. These glam details deserve their own spotlight. It’s the little things that say “luxury wedding.”

Image by Instagram.com/siempreweddings

9. The Styling Shots

Before the guests dive in, snag those shots of your meticulously chosen decor. From the lush floral centerpieces to the elegant place cards, make sure your photographer captures all of the thoughtful details at your ceremony site and reception space.

10 Must-Take Photo Ops For Your Wedding Day
Image by Instagram.com/oliverflyphotography

10. Dance Floor Shenanigans

From your first dance to breaking it down with your besties, the dance floor is where the candid magic happens. Ensure you have photographs of all the fun of you and your friends celebrating your special day – or even busts a move as well!

Image by Instagram.com/hellosweetheartau

Wedding Photos Pro Tip

Work with your wedding photographer to create a must-have wedding shot list, checking off each as you go, ensuring no moment of your wedding day is missed. We’ve seen lists of upwards of 60 must-have wedding photos, down to making sure there’s a separate photo of each guest and their plus-one.


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