10 Most Memorable Oval Engagement Rings, As Seen on Celebrities

Love is in the air! Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson has recently made headlines by announcing her engagement to Brandon Davis via her Instagram story. Known for being extremely private when it comes to her relationships, Ashley’s decision to share this exciting news with her fans has sparked curiosity and admiration. However, what truly stole the show was the breathtaking oval engagement ring she wore on her finger. In case you’re also leaning towards an oval engagement ring, take inspiration from Ashley’s and other international celebs who, at one point, were proud fiancées sporting one. 

10 Iconic Celebrity Oval Engagement Rings

1. Ashley Benson

Photo from instagram.com/ashleybenson/

Ashley Benson’s engagement ring is a stunning classic solitaire ring that certainly stands out. With its 12-carat size, it exudes an air of extravagance. The diamond is flawlessly set on a yellow gold band, adding warmth and elegance to the overall aesthetic. Secured with four prongs, the diamond is prominently showcased, allowing its brilliance to take center stage. 

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Photo from instagram.com/kourtneykardash/

Kourtney Kardashian’s oval engagement ring, gifted to her by musician Travis Barker, is a sight to behold. The ring boasts an impressive oval-cut diamond flanked by smaller diamonds on either side, all set on a simple yet elegant band. This ring effortlessly captures both Kourtney’s refined taste and the intensity of their love.

3. Ariana Grande

Photo from instagram.com/arianagrande/

Ariana Grande’s engagement ring from her now-husband Dalton Gomez is an exquisite example of timeless elegance. The singer’s ring features a stunning oval-cut diamond set on a thin platinum band, accented with a pearl on either side. This unique combination of classic and unconventional elements adds a touch of personal flair to Ariana’s ring.

4. Hailey Bieber

Photo from instagram.com/haileybieber/

Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring from pop sensation Justin Bieber is a dazzling masterpiece. The ring showcases a large oval-cut diamond set on an 18K gold band, custom-designed by Bieber. Its sleek and minimalist design perfectly complements Hailey’s modern and sophisticated style.

5. Blake Lively

Photo from Getty Images

Blake Lively’s oval engagement ring, given to her by actor Ryan Reynolds, is a true showstopper. The ring features a large light pink oval-cut diamond, known as a pink champagne diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Its romantic and feminine aesthetic reflects Blake’s effortless charm and grace.

6. Kate Middleton

Photo from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, received a stunning oval sapphire engagement ring from Prince William. The ring famously belonged to William’s late mother, Princess Diana. The striking blue sapphire is surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds, creating a regal and timeless piece that embodies both tradition and modernity.

7. Joey King

Photo from Getty Images

Actress Joey King’s oval engagement ring, given to her by Steven Piet, is a true work of art. The ring features a unique double-halo design, with a dazzling oval-cut diamond at its center. This intricate and eye-catching ring perfectly reflects Joey’s vibrant personality and love for all things bold and beautiful.

8. Jasmine Tookes

Photo from instagram.com/jastookes/

Supermodel Jasmine Tookes received a breathtaking oval engagement ring from her longtime love, Juan David Borrero. The ring features a stunning oval-cut diamond set on a delicate diamond-studded band. Its understated elegance and exquisite craftsmanship perfectly complement Jasmine’s effortless style.

9. Simone Biles

Photo from instagram.com/simonebiles/

Simone Biles, said “yes” to a lifetime of happiness when NFL player Jonathan Owens proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2022. Crafted by jeweler Zo Frost, the engagement ring features a magnificent 3-carat diamond that effortlessly captures the essence of elegance and luxury. With an estimated value of $300,000, this remarkable piece showcases Jonathan’s devotion and the couple’s shared commitment to a bright future together.

10. Lana Condor

Photo from instagram.com/lanacondor/

Actress Lana Condor’s oval engagement ring, given to her by actor Anthony De La Torre, is a mesmerizing beauty. The ring features a stunning oval-cut diamond set on a delicate band adorned with intricate detailing. Its timeless and romantic design perfectly complements Lana’s youthful and enchanting style.

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