10 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Rings of All Time

While a wedding dress only takes center stage during the wedding day itself, a ring can last a lifetime. Thus, it comes as no surprise that numerous celebrity couples have spent fortunes on incredible rocks, all symbolic of their love and commitment. 

In case you’re wondering why some romantic baubles fetch such a hefty sum, note that certain primary factors such as the carat weight, diamond color grade, cut grade, and clarity grade affect the total cost. The material of the band plays a role, too—some extravagant pieces are diamond-studded, while others are made of pure gold. While true love is priceless, an expertly sourced and crafted ring surely comes close to embodying it. 

Without further ado, here are some of the most valuable celebrity rings to date. 

1. Grace Kelly, 38.8 million USD 

One of the most iconic actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Grace Kelly was the graceful wearer of the one of the world’s most expensive wedding rings. It was designed by Cartier, and bore a 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond. It was presented to her by Prince Rainier III of Monaco when he proposed to her in 1956.

2. Jackie Kennedy, 22 million USD 

Following the notorious 1963 assisination of President John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy went on to remarry Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, one of her close friends. She wed in 1968, receiving from him a 40.42-carat marquise-cut diamond that was originally part of a 601-carat rough diamond discovered in Lesotho, Africa. 

3. Mariah Carey, 10 million USD 

In 2016, the renowned soprano Mariah Carey got engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer. Her engagement ring, a whopping 35-carat emerald-cut diamond, was designed by Wilfredo Rosado. Though the ring reportedly rose to over 13 million USD in value, Mariah sold it for the bargain price of 2.7 million. 

4. Elizabeth Taylor, 8.8 million USD 

Elizabeth Taylor’s signature jewel was a 33.19-carat Asscher-cut diamond that previously belonged to actress Vera Krupp. Gifted by her husband Richard Burton, the jewel is categorized as a IIa diamond, denoting superior chemical purity. 

5. Jennifer Lopez, estimated 5-10 million USD 

After 20 years, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck famously rekindled their romance and wed in July 2022. Jennifer’s ice is a natural green diamond—her lucky color—and features white diamonds on a platinum band. Experts peg the 8.5-carat jewel to be worth anywhere from 5-10 million USD, as green is the second rarest color for diamonds, after red. 

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Photo from instagram.com/jlo 

6. Anna Kournikova, 5.4 million USD 

Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova and partner Enrique Iglesias may be a relatively low-key couple, but their prized gems are far from plain. On occasion, Anna was spotted wearing a canary yellow diamond with a platinum band during her tennis matches. Priced at 5.4 million USD in 2004, the bauble is reportedly worth over 8 million USD today. 

7. Beyoncé, 5 million USD  

Pop superstar Beyoncé makes this list with a luxurious  24-carat emerald-cut diamond ring from her husband Jay-Z. The delicate sparkler sits on diamond pavé prongs, the stiletto-esque band balancing out the weight of the jewel. 

8. Paris Hilton, 4.7 million USD 

True to her glamorous persona, Paris Hilton’s engagement ring from then-fiancé Paris Latsis was a 24-carat diamond ring that made headlines for its phenomenal size and sparkle. After the couple called off their four-month engagement, the socialite auctioned off the bauble and donated the proceeds to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

9. Kim Kardashian, 4 million USD 

Following her 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring from Kanye in 2013, Kim Kardashian received a similar rock in 2016. This time, however, it was a heavier jewel at 20 carats, and had the word “Adidas” engraved on the inside to memorialize Kanye’s sneaker deal with Adidas. 

10. Vanessa Bryant, 4 million USD 

In 2004, the late Kobe Bryant gifted his wife Vanessa a gorgeous purple diamond after the celebrity pair faced a series of scandals. Then priced at 4 million USD, the value of the item has since risen to a reported 6.4 million. 

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