10 Easy Yet Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Curly Hair

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and every detail should reflect your personal style and beauty. If you have curly hair, you’re blessed with a natural texture that can be styled in countless breathtaking ways. Embrace your curls and enhance your bridal look with these ten stunning hairstyles. From romantic updos to bohemian braids, we’ve got you covered with a range of options that will make you feel like a true queen on your special day.

10 Stunning Ways to Style Curly Hair for Your Wedding

1. Classic Updo with a Twist

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Combine elegance with a touch of whimsy by adding twists to your classic updo. Sweep your curls into a chic bun or chignon, leaving a few tendrils loose to frame your face. This style is timeless and sophisticated, making it a perfect choice for a traditional wedding.

2. Romantic Half-Up, Half-Down

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Photo by Lilly Red Photography

For a soft and romantic look, opt for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Take a section of hair from each side and gently gather them at the back, securing with an embellished hair clip or a delicate floral accessory. This style beautifully showcases your curls while adding a touch of femininity.

3. Braided Crown

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Create a regal and ethereal look with a braided crown. French braid or twist two sections of your hair from each side, bringing them together at the back of your head. This elegant style keeps your curls off your face while highlighting their natural beauty.

4. Curly Ponytail

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Photo from Hushed Commotion

Simplicity meets sophistication with a curly ponytail. Gather your curls into a high or low ponytail and secure it with a stylish hair tie or a decorative ribbon. To add an extra touch of glamour, wrap a small section of hair around the base of the ponytail to conceal the hair tie.

5. Loose Waves with Flower Accents

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Photo by Tom Leung Photography

Enhance your curls by wearing them in loose waves, accentuated with delicate flowers. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to create soft waves, and then adorn your hair with small blooms that match your wedding theme. This bohemian-inspired style is perfect for outdoor or rustic weddings.

6. Side Swept Curls

Photo from Annie Poe Photography

Make a statement with an elegant side-swept style. Allow your curls to cascade over one shoulder, either with a deep side part or swept across your forehead. Secure with bobby pins or a decorative hair comb for a glamorous touch.

7. Vintage-Inspired Pin Curls

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Photo by Luma Weddings

Channel old Hollywood glamour with vintage-inspired pin curls. Create small, tight curls all over your head using hot rollers or curling irons. Secure each curl with a bobby pin and allow them to set. Once the curls have cooled, remove the pins and gently brush them out for a timeless and sophisticated look.

8. Messy Bun with Curly Bangs

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If you have curly bangs, embrace them on your wedding day by pairing them with a messy bun. Gather your hair into a loose, messy bun at the nape of your neck, leaving your bangs to frame your face. This effortlessly chic style exudes an effortless yet sophisticated vibe.

9. Cascading Curls with Hair Jewelry

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Photo from vestidadenoiva

Let your curls take center stage by allowing them to cascade down your back. Enhance this romantic style by adding hair jewelry, such as a delicate headband or crystal hairpins. This look is perfect for a fairytale-inspired wedding or a boho-chic outdoor celebration.

10. Floral Crown with Loose Curls

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Photo by Dawn Derbyshire Photography

For a dreamy and whimsical look, wear a floral crown with loose, flowing curls. Choose flowers that complement your bouquet or wedding theme and weave them into your hair. This enchanting style is ideal for garden weddings or any bride looking to embrace her inner bohemian goddess.

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