10 Charming and Timeless Wedding Traditions in Greece

Greece, the land of ancient myths and legends, is not only famous for its picturesque landscapes and rich history but also for its enchanting wedding traditions. From the lively music and dance to the symbolic rituals, Greek weddings are a feast for the senses. In this article, we will take you on a journey through 10 of the most breathtaking wedding traditions in Greece, each adding a touch of magic and romance to the celebration of love.

10 Charming and Timeless Wedding Traditions in Greece

1. Krevati (The Bed Making)

Before the wedding ceremony, family and friends gather at the bride’s home to participate in the Krevati tradition. This custom involves decorating the marital bed with flowers, money, and other symbolic items. The act is believed to bring good luck, fertility, and prosperity to the couple’s future life together.

2. Stefana (The Wedding Crowns)

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During the wedding ceremony, the couple wears Stefana, delicate crowns connected by a white ribbon. These crowns symbolize the union of the bride and groom and their status as the king and queen of their own kingdom, their marriage. The crowns are blessed by the priest and exchanged three times between the couple, representing the Holy Trinity.

3. Koufeta (The Wedding Favor)

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Koufeta, also known as sugar-coated almonds, are an essential part of Greek weddings. These sweet treats are given to guests as a symbol of fertility, happiness, and a sweet life for the newlyweds. Traditionally, the koufeta are presented in odd numbers, representing indivisibility, and are served in beautifully decorated bags or boxes.

4. Money Dance


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In Greece, it’s customary to have a lively Money Dance at the wedding reception. Guests take turns dancing with the bride or groom while pinning money on their clothes. This act symbolizes good fortune and helps the newlyweds with the expenses of starting their new life together. The more money pinned, the greater the blessing bestowed upon the couple.

5. Plate Smashing

Prepare for some smashing fun! In Greece, it’s believed that breaking plates brings good luck and wards off evil spirits. During the wedding reception, guests participate in the lively tradition of plate smashing by throwing plates onto the dance floor. The joyous smashing of plates creates an electrifying atmosphere and symbolizes the couple’s ability to overcome challenges together.

6. The First Dance (Zeibekiko)

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The first dance at a Greek wedding is an unforgettable moment. The Zeibekiko, a traditional Greek dance, is performed by the groom, expressing his strength, confidence, and love for his bride. As the music intensifies, the guests join in, creating a euphoric celebration of love and unity.

7. The Wedding March (Isaiah)

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As the bride walks down the aisle, the Wedding March (Isaiah) is played. This traditional melody fills the air with a sense of reverence and anticipation. It accompanies the bride’s majestic entrance, symbolizing the beginning of a sacred union and the start of a new chapter in the couple’s lives.

8. The Bread and Salt Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, the couple participates in the Bread and Salt ceremony. The priest blesses a loaf of bread, which the couple breaks and shares, symbolizing their commitment to nourish and support each other throughout their married life. Additionally, the couple takes a bite of bread and salt, representing the trials and flavors of life they will face together.

9. The Dance of Isaiah

After the ceremony, the couple leads a lively procession known as the Dance of Isaiah. Holding hands, they dance around the altar three times, while the guests join in, creating a joyous and celebratory atmosphere. This tradition symbolizes the couple’s first steps into their new life together as husband and wife.

10. Throwing Rice

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As the newlyweds exit the ceremony venue, guests shower them with rice. This tradition is believed to bring fertility and abundance to the couple’s life. The rhythmic sound of rice hitting the ground fills the air with blessings and marks the end of the wedding ceremony, signaling the start of a blissful journey for the couple.

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