Your Bridesmaid Style and Things to Consider

Finding the perfect dress for your Bridal party can be challenging and stressful, there’s no denying that. The dress is just one component in your Bridesmaids overall look, things to also consider include hair, makeup and accessories! Each Bridesmaid has a different body shape, complexion and style which are all factors which need to be considered when finding a Bridesmaid look which will flatter them all. Below we have listed things to consider when selecting your Bridesmaid dresses to make all of your Bridesmaid look and feel their best!

Start shopping ahead of time:

We cannot stress this enough! There’s nothing worse than having the pressure and stress of finding your Bridesmaid dresses a month out from your Wedding. Narrow down your search by listing places you and your Bridesmaids know of already, agreeing on a colour/style can help a great lot too! Shop at places that have a various collection of dresses, sizes and colours. White Runway is a great place to start, with over 350 dress styles and more than 30 colourways in sizes 2-24, you’ll be sure to find a dress for your #bridesbabes! 

Image by Ama by Aisha

Not one Bridesmaid is the same:

By this we mean that each of your Bridesmaids will have a completely different figure and skin complexion. You need to all agree on a dress that will accentuate each Bridesmaid beautifully – colour and style! You may even agree on a non-traditional dress scheme; the same dress style in different colours or the same colour in different dress styles. The possibilities are limitless with dressing your Bridal party! Have a look at this Bridal party below dressed in One Fell Swoop, the Bridesmaids are all in the same colour yet different styles and wow they look stunning!

Image by Adam Levi Browne


Your Bridesmaid’s hairstyle should be chosen to complement their outfit and appropriate for the season you are getting Married in. An updo will best suit a dress with a high neck and covered shoulders as well as warmer weather. Down styles will best suit Brides wanting their Bridesmaids shoulders covered during the cooler times. Find a style you and your Bridesmaids all agree on and remember, your Bridesmaids should feel comfortable for the whole day!

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Makeup should suit each of your Bridesmaids based on their individual complexion and features. You can keep to the same makeup colours for all or cater to individual features. Our Wedded World makeup artist Melissa Sassine believes “it’s important to cater the makeup to not only suit the features of each Bridesmaid but to also ensure each person can confidently look in the mirror and look and feel their best”.


Again like choosing hair and makeup for your Bridesmaids, you need to find accessories that will complement the overall Bridesmaid look. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and hair accessories are all options to tie your Bridesmaid’s look together. Roman and French have an amazing collection of accessories for your whole Bridal party, exploring their collection is a must!

Shoes and bag:

The last component to tie your Bridesmaid’s looks together are shoes and a bag. You’ll want to find shoes with comfort as your Bridesmaids will spend the most of your day in them. As for bags, a trend that’s rising and that we love is gifting your Bridesmaids a personalised pouch on the morning of your Wedding day. These are a way for your Bridesmaids to keep all of their essentials together, as well as a beautiful keepsake to have after your Wedding. How beautiful are these personalised pouches from The Personal Print?

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Feature Image: T-One Image

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