Out of all the seasons, winter is by far the hardest to find bridal shoes that suit. You need a solid heel that will stop your toes going numb in the cold and won’t leave you slipping and sliding down the aisle in wet conditions.

The most important thing is that your bridal heels are stylish enough to enhance, not mar your wedding gown; so unfortunately, snow boots just won’t do the job!

To find out just what’s #trending in winter wedding shoes, we spoke with Rachel Naoum from The White Collection, which stocks international designers like Badgley Mischka, Charlotte Mills, Jakki and Freya Rose. She’s basically the Prince Charming of shoes – always looking for your perfect fit!

Embellished Heels
Embellished Heels

WW: What are the biggest trends this season in wedding footwear?

Rachel: We’re seeing a large number of wedding shoes with back heel embellishments, whether it be with mother of pearls, or crystals. Interestingly, we’re also seeing the block heel emerging from the UK with a number of designers utilising this current footwear trend and moving it into the wedding industry. The block heel is a blast from the past and great for both style and comfort. We’ve also noticed that brides are moving away from strappy shoes and opting for a more closed, court shoe style. Having said all of this, when considering which wedding shoes to buy, trends are one thing, but it’s always best to pick a shoe that matches your style, your type of wedding and of course, the dress.

Court Shoes
Court Shoes

WW: Do you have any insider tips for a bride when choosing her wedding shoes?

Rachel: Firstly, buy quality shoes! It’s simple, a pair of well-made shoes provide better support for your feet. Majority of the shoes available at The White Collection are lined with soft kid leather and are fully padded under the foot for added comfort, so you can comfortably dance the night away.

Secondly, think about the type of foot you have and buy shoes that work for you. Some girls have skinny feet that keep slipping out of heels; in this case, consider purchasing a shoe with an ankle strap to keep the foot in place or buy a half size down. Other girls have wide feet, in this case, consider buying shoes that are lined with soft kid leather that can easily be professionally stretched (using heat) to give you an extra half size in width.

And finally, choose shoes that you fall in love with. Even though your dress may be floor length, there are so many times throughout the day where the guests will get a sneak peek at your glamorous shoes – especially if you are being lifted into the air! You need to experience shoe love and we hope every pair purchased at The White Collection will remain a keepsake of your special day for many years to come.

Ankle Straps
Ankle Straps

WW: How far in advance should the bride purchase her shoes?

Rachel: Wait until you’ve decided on your dress. That way you know what design and colour shoes to go for. Try not to leave it until your final dress fitting, as it is best to start looking several months in advance, so you have time to find that perfect heel and enough time to start breaking into the shoes before the big day. We have had a number of brides purchase their shoes prior to buying their dress! It just so happens that when you experience shoe love, there’s no going back and no other heel will satisfy.

WW: Should she do anything to them between the time she buys and her wedding day?

Rachel: Brides should definitely begin breaking into their wedding shoes as soon as they purchase them to avoid shoe discomfort on the big day. Our recommendation is to walk around in the heels at home for about half an hour a day, gradually increasing the time day by day. Our top tip – wear the shoes with thick socks. You will be surprised at how effective this can be.


The White Collection is Australia’s first and largest online retailer of Designer Bridal Shoes from around the world. The White Collection brings you award winning designers from around the world including: Harriet Wilde, Charlotte Mills, Love Art Wear Art and Freya Rose from the UK, Badgley Mischka from the USA and Jakii from Australia.

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