If you want to get an idea of what your Wedding will look like, you could do a serious personality test, hire a psychologist, read your star sign… or simply refer to your netball position.

Let’s get real; your favourite netball position says a whole lot about who you are as a person – we all know the Type A, over-achiever (Centre… obvs) and we’ve all met a reliable, but attention-shy Wing Attack.

So, here’s what type of Bride you’ll be based on your fave netball position.


The ‘Centre’ Bride is an overachiever and perfectionist who will try and manage and coordinate as many aspects of her Wedding as possible. This Bride will be the type of girl who’ll be up until 1am the night before the Wedding finishing off personalised place settings and will probably have a run-sheet, emergency contacts list and Wedding day briefing sheet for her entire Bridal party – the Centre Bride is organised with a capital ‘O’.


Wing Attack

The Wing Attack Bride is the side-kick to the Centre and she’s the most reliable of all netball positions. Happy to let the other players take the spotlight, the Wing Attack Bride will be the quiet achiever Bride; on the surface, she’s calm and sometimes too relaxed, but on the inside, her mind’s ticking at a hundred miles per hour. This Bride will surprise everyone on her Big Day by producing an elegant and chic event.

Goal Attack

Goal Attacks are energetic and precise. They love being part of the action and are often called ‘the life of the party’. A people-pleasure who enjoys getting the credit for her hard work, the Goal Attack Bride will have a Wedding to remember as she’ll make sure that every guest has as much fun on the Big Day as they do! This is the Bride who’ll pull out all the shots, from live bands, to photo-booths, cocktail bars and sketch artists, this Wedding will be a talking point for years to come.

Wing Defence

Wing Defence is the most underrated position on the netball court and is usually the first one cut from the team if you’re short on players; however, the Wing Defence player is the Bride who you’d want to be best friends with. She’s reliable, a good sport and is happy to let others take the limelight. The Wing Defence Bride is laid-back and will probably let her Bridesmaids play a big part in the planning process; she’ll probably even give them free-range on their gowns! She might consider donating money to a charity instead of having a gift registry and will make sure the Big Day is inclusive for everyone. Bridezilla, this girl is not.

Goal Defence

Goal Defence is the type of Bride who you’d want on your side in a fight. She’ll have your back forever and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The Goal Defence Bride knows what she wants and will work to get it – just don’t stand in her way! Her Wedding will be a reflection of her personality and she’ll make sure that every aspect is exactly how she imagined it.


Goal Keeper

The Goal Keeper is a classic introvert, sensitive and reserved. She’s dependable and manages to shut down people who stand in her way with kindness and diplomacy. Her Wedding will be a timeless event and she’ll go for classic options over fashion-forward trends. Like Audrey Hepburn or Carolyn Bessette, she’ll probably have a simple, but show-stopping gown.

Goal Shooter

The Goal Shooter was probably dux of her school and is studying to be a lawyer or doctor. She pushes herself for perfection and when she shoots, she scores (literally). Everything about the Goal Shooter Bride’s Wedding will be thought out, colour coordinated and organised alphabetically. She might be a bit stressed leading up to the day (because being perfect is tough!), but on her Big Day, she’ll relax and finally enjoy all the hard work she’s put in. Her Wedding will be flawless and the attention to detail will be unrivalled.

Images from Ivy Park.

Main image from Madeleine and Jarred’s Wedding. Photography by Amy Rowsell Photography.

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