For Brides, choosing the Bridesmaid gowns can be tricky. You’ve got to find a style, cut and colour that will suit each of your best girlfriends, but you also need to make sure the dress matches the overall look and feel of the Wedding.

To help you on your journey to picking the perfect Bridesmaid gowns, we spoke with the girls from Goddess by Nature to match some gorgeous gowns to the four most popular Wedding themes – Garden, Glamorous, Coastal Boho and Chic.


Garden Weddings are fresh, classic and floral, with an undertone of romance. The ‘Garden’ theme works well with coloured Bridesmaid gowns, from pastel pink to deep emerald. Don’t be afraid to shy away from texture with this dreamy theme; soft tulle and sequins can take your look to the next level.garden 1

garden 2

garden 3


If you’re having a glamorous Wedding, you’re probably not one to shy away from bold colour. You’re the type of Bride who wants your Bridesmaids to look and feel like a celebrity on the Big Day. Champagne and rose gold are the biggest trends of the season and opting for a multi-wear gown (like pictured below) means your ‘Maids can wear it whatever way they feel most comfortable!

glam 1

glam 2

glam 3

Coastal Boho

Coastal Weddings are all about the cool, calming blue or neutral palettes that’s inspired by your stunning ocean setting. Don’t feel like you need to have all of your Bridesmaids in the same colour; let them choose their own shade from your colour palette and you’ll instantly be promoted to ‘Best Bride Ever’.

beach 1

beach 2

beach 3

beach 4

Classic Chic

This look is for the elegant, timeless and sleek Bridal party and we recommend sticking to monotones to recreate it. Black and white is anything but boring! Look for a gown that has ‘unexpected’ features, like divine lacework, low-scooped backs or simple, but pretty bows.

modern 1

modern 2

modern 3

modern 4

modern 5

Goddess by Nature celebrates women of all ages, shapes and sizes and offers an exclusive award-winning and Australian-made collection of timeless multiway designs, glamorous dresses and exquisite accessories perfect for bridal, bridesmaids & formal wear to make you look & feel like a total Goddess. With worldwide shipping visit www.goddessbynature.com.

Photography by Jessica K Photography, Clifford Kwan Photography and Ninique Photography.

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