There are many Wedding traditions we follow without actually understanding why. When you explore them, many of the traditions have a symbolism that continues to mean something today.

Of course we all know about the garter toss. In wedding traditions, it’s one of the big ones and the longest standing too. So where did it start?

In the 14th century, parts of Europe thought having a piece of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. Logically this would leave them to destroy parts of the dress just to get their own square of this precious fabric. To escape with her clothes in tact, the bride started throwing various items to the guests and the garter was the top of her list!

Other traditions say the garter is a symbol of fertility and this removal… well you know where we’re going with this!

An old English custom said wedding guests would follow the happy couple to the bridal chamber and throw their removed items of clothing at them. The aim? Get the garter on the nose of the bride or groom. Not awkward at all …

Today, along with the bride’s bouquet, the garter toss is meant to reveal the next to get married. Now if you want to keep with this tradition, we have two quick tips!

  1. Remember there are some things your guests don’t necessarily want to see. We’ve all been at the wedding where the groom makes an elaborate and drawn out show of removing the garter with his teeth. We wish we hadn’t. Don’t do that please.
  2. Make sure you have a second garter! You won’t be getting back the one you threw into the crowd, so it can serve as a keepsake. Also, the garter removal is something that calls for a more private repeat. The perfect start to a honeymoon!

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