Wedding Dress Advice From The Founder of Grace Loves Lace

In 2010, Megan Ziems set out to change the Wedding Industry. Megan wanted to design wedding dresses that had soul, originality and authenticity. Ten years later, and now she is hailed by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, as the Founder of Grace Loves Lace, the iconic brand creating wedding dresses for the women whose passion burns bright like a flame; the women who love fearlessly with all their hearts. If that sounds like you, Fairies, you’ll definitely be interested in Megan’s advice for your wedding dress journey!

Wedded Wonderland has reached out to Megan and gotten all the answers you’ve been searching for, scroll below to see!

When should a bride start looking for her wedding dress?

“It’s getting shorter and shorter. We are finding women are getting engaged and sorting out The Dress straight away. It dictates so much about the rest of the wedding so why not. We do of course have some women being very organised and ordering the gown a year in advance, some take advantage of our rush order service and get in there with a really tight time frame.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Should a bride sacrifice comfort for style on her wedding day?

No, absolutely not. You can have luxury and comfort. It’s 2020, women should celebrate their body, not restrict or manipulate it into rigid, corseted gowns, that’s been done for too long. We want to see women feeling comfortable, confident, relaxed, and moving!

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Should a bride be shopping for her current size, or her goal wedding size?

“Current size minus half a dress size- really we rarely see extreme weight loss. It tends to be only a little and our dress construction and the nature of our designs- being stretch- lend themselves to some fluctuation.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Which silhouette flatters which body type?

“I don’t like to pigeon hole body shapes to styles because even if you are technically a certain body type, your features, your skin, your muscle tone and proportions, are all so incredibly different. I don’t like rules and I have said many times that it just isn’t relevant.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Should a bride settle for a dress, even if she doesn’t think it’s ‘the one’?

“Well, I really believe you have to feel connected to the dress, it has to make you feel something but sometimes it’s the core values of how it’s made, who made, the story of the company and the brand it that can do that. Some women are just not too bothered about what they wear, but they do want to be inspired and love what they are buying. I think women are in a position today where they have choice, women love us not only for the designs but because they can tell we really care, we are genuine and honest with how we design. We don’t mass produce, we make our gowns in our Australian studio, we have minimal waste. 80% of the worlds wedding dresses are mass produced and in off shore factories where the wage, work conditions, margins, quality, travel required and the originality of the fabric and designs are just so unethical.

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

How would you describe the style of Grace Loves Lace?

“Effortless, luxurious, timeless, beautiful, natural. Fresh. We put a lot of passion and soul into our dresses and I think it shows, they are very authentic.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Traditional or trendy?

“I classify what we do as fresh, modern but timeless. Traditional bridal gowns is the reason I started GLL back in 2010, no one was creating high quality gowns that were comfortable, unique and timeless.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

What are the current wedding dress trends, and what do you predict we will be seeing more of during 2020?

“Fuller skirts without the princess vibe.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Do you recommend that brides use social media platforms for wedding dress inspiration?

“I think Pinterest is incredible for brides, and Instagram is obviously hard to escape, it’s inspiration overload.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Who should accompany a bride to her showroom appointment?

“Less is better, someone who’s company you just really enjoy. You really don’t need opinions, you just need to have fun, relax and enjoy the experience.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Should a bride ask for her groom’s opinion on her wedding dress?

“Why not, BUT believe me when I say that they actually don’t know what they like. Trust yourself.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

What are some tips you wish to give our Wedded Wonderland Fairies, in regards to finding their wedding dress?

“Relax, buy a dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. And use this opportunity – it’s the one wedding dress you’ll buy that is a purchase of such meaning ( it’s not fast, disposable fashion and shouldn’t be treated like it)- to support brands like us that are making gowns 100%  in-house- not off shore factories-, and putting values and authenticity ahead of margins. A wedding dress is important and your due diligence is your power.”

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

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