Top Tips for Wedding Dress Fittings

Making sure you Dress fits like a glove for your Wedding day is a process and definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Whether it’s Custom made or alterations need to be made, you’ll need to have a few fittings to ensure the dress is as perfect as you imagined it to be.

Don’t worry Fairies we have a few tips for you to follow to get your dream dress!

Be Prepared

If you’re a Wedded Wonderland Bride you probably know this already and have had your dream dress in your mind forever. But when making a custom dress go to the fitting with a few ideas in mind for the type of Dress you want, including any pictures or drawings you may have.


Book your fittings at least 6 months in advance, to give you plenty of time for alterations, weight loss or any other changes that may happen.

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After your first initial consultation, you should bring your Wedding shoes to each fitting to ensure the length is perfect to the actual heel size you are wearing on your Wedding day.

Correct Undergarments

If you are having your dress custom made then be sure to wear your best bra to the fittings so the designer can set the dress to the shape of the garments to create a built in bra within the dress. Also don’t wear coloured undies! We all know what a different a good bra and spanx can make.

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Come Clean

When going to your fitting ensure you have no makeup or fake tan on or any other body lotions that might affect the fitting or ruin the dress.


Whilst Accessories aren’t specific to the dress its still important to know what accessories will complete the whole look whilst you can still get professional advice from the designer.

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Bring A Friend

It’s always helpful to have your mum’s or a friends opinion when it comes to your wedding gown even if you don’t take their advice, its always fun to have support.

Speak Up

If you don’t like something on your dress or how it fits then speak up! It’s your wedding and the designer’s goal is to make sure you leave the fittings knowing you are getting your dream dress.


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