A good movie can make any day better. When you’re feeling a little down or it’s raining outside, the best thing to do is get the girls together for some quality time on the couch.

If you’re looking for a movie marathon this weekend, we’ve come up with the perfect selection of classic, sweet and often hilarious bridal movies.


This movie will have you in tears of laughter and is the perfect start to your movie marathon. Annie is unlucky in love, but when her best friend Lillian asks her to be her maid of honour, she  jumps on board, along with 4 other colourful bridesmaids on a wild and hilariously messy ride down the alter.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Warm, lovable, and delightfully eccentric, this movie focus on the life of a young Greek woman who falls in love with a handsome non-Greek man and struggles to get her family to accept him. When the time comes for the wedding planning, her Greek mother is all about the idea that quantity IS quality. The more guests, the better the wedding according to her mother. Aren’t many of us all too familiar with this concept!?

27 dresses

After serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, Jane, an idealistic, romantic and completely selfless woman whose own happy ending is nowhere in sight begins to reexamine her permanent position as bridesmaid. She wrestles with the idea of standing by her younger sister’s side as her sibling plans to marry Janes boss, the man she’s secretly in love with.

Bride Wars

Two best friends who have been planning their weddings since childhood, meet the men of their dreams, and are finally getting their happily ever after … or maybe not. After discovering they’ve both planned their special day on the same date, the brides to be turn into battling bridezillas in an all out war to get what they want.

The Proposal

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds exhibit a whole lot of chemistry in this romantic comedy. This is one of those movies where the couple start off absolutely despising each other, after high powered boss all but forces her younger assistant to marry her in order to avoid deportation to her hometown of Canada. But then their relationship takes a whole different and interesting turn …

Father of the Bride

This is a winning remake of the 1950’s classic romantic comedy about an over protective father George Banks, played by Steve Martin, struggling to comes to terms with the idea of losing his little girl as his oldest daughter plans to get married. From meeting the in-laws to wedding,to finding out the wedding costs and wedding planning with an over-the-top consultant and his flamboyant assistant it seems as if the troubles never end.

Sleepless in Seattle

Okay, we know. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Not exactly heart throb time and you’re probably going to laugh at some of what they’re wearing. But every girl has a part of her that wants to meet the love of her life on top of the Empire State Building. A blockbuster you shouldn’t be ashamed of loving, this is the classic story of bad timing and still finding romance. Just don’t blame us if you pull out your credit card for a whirlwind trip to New York.

Wedding Crashers

This is the perfect romantic comedy. In this raunchy yet hilarious comedy, two committed womanizers find out the hard way that spending their free time sneaking into weddings can end up causing serious problems for the pair. Jeremy Klein, played by Vince Vaughn and John Beckwith played by Owen Wilson are a pair of longtime friends who work in a law firm, helping couples mediate their divorces. Their job has given them a cynical attitude about marriage, and as a hobby each weekend the pair take it upon themselves to crash weddings reception in an attempt to seduce the bridesmaids, but things don’t always go according to plan.

The Wedding Planner

This charming romantic comedy starring starring Matthew McConaughey, who plays Steve Edison, the groom and Jennifer Lopez, who plays the role of Mary Fiore, a successful wedding planner planning only the most lavish of weddings makes the perfect chick flick. Fiore breaks the number one rule of a wedding planner, falling in love with the groom, and not just any groom, but the groom in what’s to be the biggest wedding of her career! The one thing this movie proves is that when it comes to love, you can never plan ahead.

Love Actually

It does not matter it’s not Christmas! Heart-warming, hilarious, sad and at times kind of strange (why does Claudia Schiffer appear?) Love Actually is a perfect end to your marathon. A story that covers all kind of love as well as one awful song, even when there’s not a happy ending it makes us feel all tingly inside. We’re pretty sure this is one of those secret personality tests too. Is Keira Knightley your favourite part or is it Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister? Be sure you give us credit if you make a new best friend with this question!

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