Top 12 Eco Wedding Trends for 2023

That’s right, sustainability isn’t just another buzzword in the wedding industry you see floating around, it’s here to stay (and we’re here for it!). Going for an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean having to skip the party, or doing without the small but gorgeous details you want to see on your special day, it just means looking for alternatives that are better for the environment. 

So, if you plan on having the eco wedding of the year, look no further, here are the top 12 eco wedding trends you should keep an eye out for in 2023.

1. Re-Use Vintage Dresses and Rings

Do you have your mom’s wedding dress somewhere up in the attic or a family heirloom you’ve been saving for a special occasion like this one? Re-using a vintage dress or ring is a great way to make your day more personal and unique while still being eco-friendly. The groom can even use a hand-me-down suit on the wedding day.

V-neck sustainable wedding dress for an eco wedding
Photo from Who What Wear

You can work your magic on a vintage dress you already have and turn it into the wedding dress of your dreams or you can look out for a vintage dress shop that fits your taste. Looking for a vintage dress might pose quite a challenge, but you can also opt for a sustainably made dress or suit that is made by ethical designers. It’s also smart to look for a dress that you can use for more than one occasion.

Vintage heirloom sustainable ring
Photo from Eragem

Using or buying a vintage ring with gold can also be melted down and refined to make it more you. Aside from that, you can also use diamonds you already have and set them into a band of your liking. Going for a more vintage look is a great way to add character to your wedding and lessen harmful impacts on the environment as well. Plus, a vintage dress or ring can be your ‘something old!’

2. Online Invitations and Save-the-Dates

Biggest eco wedding trend online save the date and invitations
Photo from Splendid Moment

Everyone is on their phones nowadays, it’s quite literally attached to us all the time. This is why a quick and effective way to send your invites and save the dates is by sending them online. Doing this can help you save trees and avoid wasting paper. Plus, you can still put your unique flair into your e-invitations.

You can also take it a step further and set up a website made especially for your wedding. On this website, you can link everything your guests need to know from the dress code to the wedding location. You can also share your registry, love story, and photos for your guests to access after the wedding is done. 

However, not all your guests are internet savvy, for these specific guests you can opt for invitations made with recycled paper or seed paper. Seed paper can be planted after use and will grow into flowers when planted. You can also utilize different types of recycled materials like wood or fabric. This can be a great idea if using paper can’t be avoided.

3. Recycling and Drying Flowers

Pink and white dried flowers for eco wedding bouquet
Photo from Rosa Cadaqués

Fresh flowers really hit differently. There’s just something about them that brings life to your occasion and to your whole outfit too. However, freshly cut flowers aren’t the best for the environment. To help you be more eco-friendly about this, you can opt for dried flowers or herbs that can be reused.

If you really want to go for fresh flowers, it’s important to make sure it is sourced and grown locally to make sure you don’t add up to carbon emissions. Afterward, it is also a good idea to have your bouquet of flowers dried and recycled to be used in the future as decor or memorabilia from your special day.

4. Use Potted Plants and Sustainable Decor

It’s hard to admit but the environmental impacts of freshly cut flowers that have been refrigerated and have gone through long-haul flights aren’t the best. However, what is a wedding without them? A great alternative to this is locally grown potted plants like orchids or roses that can still be used after the event. 

Vintage and thrifted glasses as giveaway for eco wedding
Photo by Jennie Andrews Photography

Not only that but you can also get thrifty with your decor like using upcycled bottles or mason jars as decor. It might also be a cool idea to thrift for mugs or glasses that your guests can take home as souvenirs after the event. 

5. Take Away Florals for Guests

Packed flowers as take away for guests who attended an eco wedding
Photo from We Are Flower Girls

If you’re wedding theme calls for freshly cut florals and you just can’t avoid them. It is a great idea to ask your florist to wrap them up after the event and give them away to your guests as a present. This way, they can use them as decor in their own homes and will serve as a keepsake from your wedding.

6. Ask For Online Donations Instead Of Gifts 

Poster of how to send gifts or donations
Photo from Black Bow Studio

Gifts are great but with all the wrapping and packaging they usually come with, it might be best to opt-out of them for your eco wedding. Instead of physical gifts, you can ask for online donations for you as a couple or for your chosen charitable cause. You can even incorporate this into your wedding website to help lessen paper waste.

7. Leaf Cuttings as an Alternative to Confetti

Leaf cuttings with dried flowers for eco wedding ceremony
Photo from Kooka Paperie

Consider skipping the confetti on your wedding day and opt for leaf cuttings instead. Colorful confetti brings so much color and fun to the whole occasion, but they have bad effects on the environment. A great alternative to this is leaf cuttings or biodegradable confetti that is less harmful to the environment.

8. Go for a Sustainable Food Menu

Vegan food menu as eco wedding trend
Photo by Sarah Sidwell Photography

Although this might require a lot of research and tedious work, it is worth it to go for a more sustainable food menu. There are caterers who offer food that is locally and sustainably sourced. You can also do the same with the wine you will be serving. It’s important to look for natural and organic wines in reusable bottles to avoid waste.

If it’s fitting for you as a couple and the guests you have in mind, it might also be good to consider having a vegan food menu. Plant-based meals tend to have far fewer negative impacts on the environment and no animals will be harmed in the process.  

You can also reduce food waste by opting out of buffets that will leave you with a ton of food left over. It is smart to go for plated dinners instead to avoid this.

9. Allow Guests to Take Food Home

Take away food for guests
Photo by Beck Rocchi

If your estimated number of guests calls for a buffet, a good way to avoid wasting food is by allowing the guests to take food home. If not, you could also save the food for guests to eat later in the night during the reception. 

10. Go Local and Hire Locally

Local flower shop for an eco wedding
Photo from La Guinguette d’Angèle

Planning for a wedding usually requires a lot of manpower and transporting everything you need to make your visions come to life. This will require a lot of back and forth between locations and that adds to carbon emissions, which is why it’s important that you go for locally-grown products and hire people within the area of your wedding venue. Not only will you help the environment but you can also support small businesses around you.

11. Rent Reusable Items

Beautiful and rustic table set up with reusable cutlery and items
Photo by Meghan Kay Sadler

Anything disposable is not good for the environment, it’s best to rent reusable decor and items that you might need for your wedding. Look for companies that provide reusable decoration that fits the theme of your wedding. You can also rent out dinnerware and linens instead of using single-use utensils and paper napkins. 

12. Get a Shuttle for Guests

Vintage shuttle on the way to eco wedding venue
Photo from Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co.

It might also be helpful to rent a shuttle that can accommodate your guests who live close to each other. This way, they can help lessen your carbon footprint by using less transportation to go to your wedding. It is also a great way to help start the festivities and get your family and friends to bond even before your wedding starts.

There are so many ways to plan the wedding of your dreams while still caring for the environment. It’s all about being creative and doing your research. See? It’s totally possible to plan the wedding of your dreams without harming the environment with the help of these eco wedding trends!

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