This woman earns $200 an hour pretending to be a Bridesmaid!

This woman earns $200 an hour pretending to be a bridesmaid!

Tiffany Wright from London, works as a professional bridesmaid and earns a whopping $200 (in AUD) an hour.

Like something straight out of the Kevin Hart Hollywood hit, The Wedding Ringer, Tiffany’s tasks include being first on the dance floor, writing scripts, dealing with family drama and helping the bride to organised anything last minute that pops up.

The idea came to Tiffany after she attended 17 weddings in two years and always witnessed how stressed the bride was on her big day:

“I had been to 17 weddings in two years and every time I went, there was a couple of moments when the bride looked really stressed….After chatting to some friends who were brides, they all told me how there were times when they really needed something, but felt bad asking a bridesmaid to go and run an errand when they’d already done so much…So I decided to set up a company offering myself as an undercover bridesmaid, so that I can do the brides dirty work and take away the stress so that they can still honour their friends who are bridesmaids.”

Tiffany also runs a business helping men propose to their girlfriends, and set up her latest venture in April of this year – calling it The Undercover Bridesmaid.
Image by: Talk to the Press via DailyMail

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