This Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth On Her Way To Germany

Tia Freeman is one helluva woman. Everyone’s talking about Kate Middleton looking flawless seven hours post-giving birth but this lady delivered her child – with no medical staff – during a layover in Istanbul. P.S. she didn’t even believe she was pregnant!

Yep, the story only gets wilder.

Freeman is a member of the U.S. Air Force and shared her son’s incredible birth story via a twitter thread. What starts as a flight from the U.S. to Turkey ends with a newborn.

Even though she only realised she was pregnant in her third trimester, Freeman was in denial. Her contraceptive pill hinders her menstrual cycle which is why it wasn’t an obvious indicator earlier. With a March trip to Germany in motion, she was on board … literally.

Freeman underwent severe cramps amid her flight and thought it was the cause of food poisoning from the plane food. Once she landed for her stopover in Istanbul, she knew the pain was serious. However, she still went through customs like a regular passenger without seeking any help.

Freeman, like the rest us, took to Google for symptoms and self-diagnosis. She decided to stick it out until she arrived at the hotel room. By then, she was definitely in labour. Once again, she turned to the internet for help. This time, with a YouTube tutorial on birth delivery.

Freeman was ready to push…

Freeman literally carried out her whole delivery experience via direction from Google. She birthed her placenta and read on the correct way to cut an umbilical cord. Medical equipment? A knife she had packed with her luggage and two shoelaces she sanitised with boiling water from the hotel room’s tea kettle.

As crazy as this story sounds, Freeman remained unphased. She cleaned up, breastfed her son and went to bed!

It was not until the following day that Freeman received airport guidance. We’ll let her tweets explain the rest of this wild adventure.

Warning: there is no anti-climax.

Freeman told The Independent that despite the wild story of her son’s birth, she’s learned a lot from this experience.

“I learned how to be resourceful and calm under pressure. I was able to bond one-on-one with my son from his first breaths.”

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