This insane surprise Disney proposal will make your day

If you want to marry a Disney lover, you must plan a Disney proposal fit for a princess.

And that’s exactly what Curran Wong did when popped the question to his very own Princess a.k.a. Shari Hakim in Disneyland.

Curran and his YouTube star friend Tim Gettys have spent the last few years planning a dream Disney proposal, and they finally put the plan into action this month recording the whole thing to share with the world!

The video starts with Shari and Tim hanging out at Disneyland under the impression of recording a Disney-themed rap — being a YouTube star, this wasn’t a strange way for Tim and his friends to spend their afternoons. When the pair finally arrive in front of the castle, Tim gives Shari his phone and a pair of earphones, and she begins the audio-visual experience that is Curran’s proposal.

Shari can’t help but become all emotional as her closest friends and family join her in front of the castle, and as she relives the last eight years with her partner. The video ends with her Prince appearing and asking her to grant him the final wish of marrying him.

This is a MUST-WATCH!

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