This Couple Sent Out A Set Of Rules For Their Wedding Guests And It’s Insane

There’s certain etiquette that is assumably followed during a wedding, however this couple made sure their very particular requests were directly brought to all the guests’ attention – and they are being slammed for it.

A Reddit user took to the website to share the screenshot of an email that was sent by the couple’s wedding coordinator, titled ‘Rules and Regulations’.


The viral post listed a set of rules and regulations that ranged from simple etiquette to the absolute extreme of stating guests must come with a gift of $75 or more, or they will not be let into the wedding.

Users mocked the post, with one of them having commented: “What an excellent list of reasons to not go”.

Others were distraught by the spelling and grammar of the list: “The ‘seramony’ is gonna suck, but i feel like the marriage itself will be very exciting to watch on facebook,” a Reddit user wrote. “It’s hard to take someone seriously when their demands are riddled with spelling errors and typos” another person agreed.

What do you think of this, Fairies? Would you ever send out a Wedding Rules list?

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: The Sun

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