Couple has their wedding reception at Bunnings

More often than not, the wedding dinner is a refined culinary experience – a three-course meal designed by a chef and accompanied wit fine wine. But for this Sydney couple, it was a ‘shoey’ and some snags on the bbq.

In what is probably ‘most Australian wedding ever’, Jordan and Chantelle Wilson and their guests celebrated their union by heading straight to their local Bunnings store for a classic sausage sanga with onion.

Bunnings wedding reception 1

“We got there and went straight to the snags. No side salad, just straight to the Bunnings stand,” Mr Wilson told Daily Mail Australia.

Bunnings wedding reception

“We did not even walk inside, but they were all happy to see us, all having a laugh. A staff member came out to take photos with us and the missus got her face painted.”

Indeed she did, with the new Mrs Wilson getting a touch up from the Belrose Bunning’s face painter as happily bemused patrons just ducking in for a bit of plywood looked on.

Bunnings wedding reception

When asked whether the bride had to be coerced into the idea, Jordan responded with “She was all about it”.

“They asked if she wanted onions and she said I do. It was the best. And they say Australians aren’t cultured!”

Bunnings wedding reception

“I told my wife for months this is all I wanted. I wouldn’t say it was planned, she didn’t have a choice,” Jordan explains.

But his bride was truly surprised when a Bunnings employee gifted the newlyweds with a carpet cleaner. “We couldn’t believe it, we needed one, my missus was about to hire one!”

Bunnings wedding reception

If that wasn’t as Australian as it can get the groom and his groomsmen took the opportunity to perform a shoey on a wharf in Newport before the event.

The result? Some truly extraordinary wedding photographs and some fond memories.

Bunnings wedding reception 6


Image Credits: Jordan Wilson Facebook account, via the Daily Mail Australia 

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