This Bridesmaid’s Funny Face Will Make Your Day

This Bridesmaids Funny Face Photo Will Make Your Day 1
It’s all fun and games when a photographer directs the bridal party to pull a silly face, But this bridesmaid took the ‘funny face photo’ to the next level, creating a ridiculous wedding photo that will for sure make your day.

Shared on Reddit by bridesmaid in question the picture went viral almost instantly. In the snap, the group of bridesmaids are perfectly coordinated in matching floral pre-wedding robes and the bridesmaids are making perfectly acceptable tilted head/open-mouth silly faces. But one’s silly face was not like the other ones.

Contorting her neck towards her shoulder and creating the most uncomfortable looking chin rolls, along with duck-face lips and crossed eyes it’s almost impossible not to laugh!

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What we want to know is how exactly she managed to bend her neck so far back and it seems Reddit users are asking the same question. “This has crossed a line from goofy to damn impressive. Like did you dislocate part of your neck to pull that off?” asked one user.

“Hope you didn’t snap your neck in the making of this no holding back silly face,” shared another. “Everyone else in the picture didn’t even seem to bother putting in any effort to make a silly face, but you seem so invested”.


Needless to say, this one’s going down in the history books as the most ridiculous bridesmaid funny face ever.

Well, unless you’ve got one better… #challengeaccepted

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