This Bride had 34 Bridesmaids

Picking your bridesmaids can be a little tricky when you have a big group of girlfriends!

This Bride went above and beyond bridesmaid expectations, after just three months of dating US Bride, Casme Carter tied the knot to Gary Carter, Organising a beach wedding in just three months can be tough but organising bridesmaids can be tougher so, if you thought trying to organise just three bridesmaids with such little time was hard, try having 34!!

Carter is a singer, mentor and attends women empowerment groups which resulted in befriending many women over the years. She asked 50 women in total to help her celebrate her wedding in such a special way but due to prior commitments and army deployments ended up with an outstanding 34 bridesmaids.

Carter made separate group chats with different girls which made for an interesting and surprising reaction when all the bridesmaids finally came together. Her only request was they attend in neutral beach dresses and bathing suits that they picked which allows the cost to affordable for each bridesmaid.

She simply wanted everyone to have a role in her wedding. In an interview with CNN Carter explained “I wanted them all to experience the love that they’ve seen, that I’ve been praying for and wanting. I wanted them to witness it first hand,” Carter said.

Her Bridesmaid included six of Carter’s sisters and the rest were women she had build friendships with through her work.

Her unique plans came as a shock to her now-husband Gary, as she explained to CNN that he thought she was joking at first and after coming to terms that she was actually serious he worried he couldn’t match with the same number of groomsmen, ending up with 12 groomsmen at attending the Wedding.

Carter says. “It was so amazing to have them all right beside me.” and she would have not changed a thing.

We love this!

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Written by Jamal Mohamad

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