It’s not often that this happens, but Tarocash have officially blown our minds. When we sat down to talk what’s hot in Groom styling, they informed us that these were the biggest mistakes that the Brides and Grooms make with their Wedding Day styling.

1. They don’t match their tans! – Now that we think about it, it’s obvious; but how many Brides walk down the aisle freshly bronzed to a pasty white Groom?

2. The Groom forgetting to wear a belt (it ties the look together)

3. Not matching the Groom’s tie to the Bride’s flowers or Bridesmaid’s gowns

4. The Groom wearing a patterned shirt – Tarocash explain that neutrals or light colours look classier, sophisticated and fresh, while bright colours can look dated, garish and too busy.

And, if you were wondering what the 2016 Groom should be wearing, here it is.


Blues: Navy is a classic option for the Groom who doesn’t want to go with a neutral colour. Pair a navy suit with a pale pink or lilac shirt.

Grey: Silver grey suits and waistcoats are having a resurgence. Wear this look with a white or pale blue shirt and use a sharp check tie to make it modern.

Pastel: If you’ve got a pastel shirt, enhance your look with a bold suit and strong patterned tie.

Accessories: Use a matching tie pin and cufflinks to lift your look. Tan accessories work with blue and grey suits, while black looks best with a black suit. Make sure your tie and pocket detail work well together. They don’t necessarily have to be an exact match, but they should be in the same colour palette.


Designer menswear label, Tarocash is a household name, offering the latest in trends for smart-casual and events and eveningwear for the fashion-conscious male. Since it was founded in 1987, Tarocash has become renowned for its outstanding service, quality garments and value for money.

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