Budgeting for a Wedding is tough, especially when your dream gown is twice as much as you were hoping to spend. The best way to delegate what to spend is to know exactly what you elements of the Wedding you absolutely cannot compromise on and what you can skimp on.

To help you along the way, we’ve listed 5 of the most expensive parts of your Wedding that you have to spend big on (no shortcuts allowed).

1. The Catering

The Wedding day is never going to go down well with your guests if the food is boring and sparse. Not only will it change the entire mood of the event (#hangry), but the food is one of the elements of your Wedding that guests will remember. Make some awesome memories by incorporating tasty, filling meals, whether it be loads of canapes or a delicious three-course menu. Aim to step outside the ‘chicken, fish or beef’ box and opt instead for a selection of your favourite dishes, from pizza to mini sliders – the sky’s the limit.

2. The Gown

It is so important that you look and feel your best on the Wedding day, so if that means splurging on your expensive dream gown, then do it. You’re probably only going to walk down that aisle once, so let yourself have the breath-taking entrance you’ve always wanted and remember, you can always sell your gown afterwards if you need to.

3. The Photography

Trust me; a good photographer is worth the money. There’s a reason the best photographers have a hefty price tag, they’re often the hardest working suppliers on the Wedding day – and it doesn’t stop there. They work for days following, choosing the images, editing and resizing. The photos of your Wedding day will be around forever, make sure you love them.

4. Wedding Planner

Most Brides assume that a Wedding Planner is a ‘nice to have’, but not a necessity. We think not! Wedding Planners can save you money on suppliers who they have relationships with and this can often cover their fees anyway. Add this to the hours of time they’ll save you (not to mention the stress) and you have to agree, this isn’t something to skimp on.

5. Your Must-Have

We always recommend that every couple have one element of the Wedding Day that they want to splurge on. Whether it be a fantastic band, an incredible 12-tier cake, a live sketch artist or fireworks, choose something that will be a jaw-dropping moment for you and your guests and budget accordingly.

Main image from Rachel and Trent’s wedding. Photography by Doux Wedding Corp.

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