The Top 8 Trending Colours For Mother Of The Bride

Now that we know where the go-to places are for mother of the bride gowns, we need to think about what colours we should put our lovely mothers in. We’ve taken a look through your suggestions, and these are Instagram’s top 8 winners.

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Sophisticated Silver

A silvery-grey dress is the perfect mother of the bride gown, as it captures her beautiful youth while still staying true to her age. In this dress, your mother will be looking very sophisticated, beautiful, and very appropriate.


Glittering Gold

A little more oomph than a silver dress, gold will let your mother shine like the absolute gem that she is. You can go really wild with the tone here, or dim it down to something less shiny, but still so amazing.


Charming Champagne

If you’re after something grand but the more metallic colours aren’t cutting it for you, then champagne is the way to go. It’s every bit sophisticated and classy without the overwhelming shine. Perfect for any mothers who prefer a subtle look.


Perfect Pastels

You can never go wrong with pastels, they’re such a versatile option and work great on anyone, including the mother of the bride. From soft blues to blush pinks and mint greens, the options are endless!


Gorgeous Green

A deep green creates a very regal look, which is perfect for the queen that your mamma is. If such a dark colour isn’t working for both of you, then you can tone it down to a lighter colour that’ll still look stellar.


Magnificent Mauve

Another regal colour, we can just picture how beautiful mauve will look on the mother of the bride. The dark shade looks incredible on any mums with a fair complexion too, which is always a good thing.


Nifty Navy

There’s never any complaint with a navy dress. It’s just so pretty and chic, and a great option for anyone who wants a darker colour, without having to go for the heaviness of a black dress.


Neutral Nudes

If for whatever reason, your mamma isn’t swayed by any of the above colours available to her, then maybe it’s a nude that she’s got her eye on. A light brown or pinkish nude still has that stylish charm but without any of the fuss of some of the brighter, bolder colours.

Cover photo by: @amandarourkehair

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