The Top 10 Music Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make At Your Wedding

Good music makes for a ridiculously good party, so when you’re lacking in that department, things can really take a turn for the worse. No bride wants to see her guests yawning halfway through the reception, or a dancefloor that’s empty save for the two weird uncles who won’t stop trying to shake what their mama gave them.

Since music also works to really set the tone for your wedding, and serve as a sort of guide for what is about to happen, it’s super important that you get it right.

To ensure you won’t suffer from any musical fails, here are the ten mistakes you should definitely avoid.


1. Not Telling Your DJ What You Want

We reckon it’d be incredibly frustrating to have a set of songs that mean a lot to you, and that you’ve dreamt of having at your wedding, only to find that none of them are played on the night. You can blame your entertainment all you want but the reality is if you haven’t had a chat with them beforehand and specifically told them what songs are a must, then how will they know?

Communicate with the entertainment to make sure you get to hear the songs that are special to you.


2. Not Telling Your DJ What You Don’t Want

While you’re telling your entertainment about the songs that are an absolute must for your wedding, don’t forget to go through those songs that you simply cannot stand. Whether it be because a certain song reminds you of a certain person or because it just gets on your nerves, let them know. One bad song can really throw off your vibe, so put together a quick ‘do-not-play’ list and pass it on to your entertainment to avoid any awkward moments.


3. Sticking To One Genre

Don’t let your party turn into a bore by playing just one genre. There’s only so many songs that belong to 90s pop, and you don’t want to spend the whole night on it. Mix things up by throwing in some old school jams as well as plenty of the newer tunes. There’s an abundance of options, so don’t worry about running out of different music styles.


4. Overdoing It

When it comes to your first slow dance and even the father-daughter dance, for the sake of all of your guests, please do not overdo it with a ridiculously long song. Keep it at a good length; long enough for you to enjoy, but not so long that your guests are just sitting for what feels like a lifetime just watching two people slowly sway side by side.


5. Not Doing Enough Research

Get to know your band or DJ before you decide to book them in. If you hear them sing just one song and think they’re the one, then think again. You need to understand their style first and how they perform, otherwise they might not be able to cater for a wider range of musical tastes or know how to really work up a crowd.

Always do your research, Fairies!


6. Keeping Music Too Loud

This might seem a little silly, but trust us, you need to speak to your entertainment to make sure you’re both in on understanding the volume of the music. Sure, at the end of the night when everyone is up on the dancefloor you’ll want the music to be blasting, but while dinner is served, or while the cake is being cut, you don’t want the music to drown everyone out. Weddings are social events, and guests need to be able to hear each other to talk a little.


7. Only Playing Your Favourites

While the must-have playlist is important, you want to make sure your favourite songs aren’t the only ones being played. It’s not entirely fair to your guests, so be the gracious host and make sure there are songs that will cater for every type of person in the room. After all, you just want people to have fun!

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8. Not Hiring For Long Enough

Make sure you hire your entertainment for the entire duration of your event. You don’t want them arriving late into the party and have guests sitting around in silence, and you certainly don’t want them disappearing too early in the night when the party really begins. Before you book them in, make your needed hours clear.


9. Picking Obscure Songs

Ok so you like to jam to some Indie music from time to time, and while it’s fine to request one or two of those (it is your wedding after all), don’t let it take centre stage. Obscure songs that aren’t popular with the masses aren’t likely to give you the reaction you’d want from a good party.


10. Playing Inappropriate Music

It’s no secret that we all love a little bit of dirty music from time to time, but a wedding is no place to be playing anything of the sort. It might be fun to dance to, but your grandparents and aunts and uncles are likely to be there, so be respectful to your guests and steer clear of inappropriate songs.


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