The Sisterhood of the Travelling…Wedding Dress?!

We’ve all heard of the travelling pants, the endearing story of friendship and a very flattering pair of jeans. But here’s an even more heart-warming tale. A Nebraska bride has started a sisterhood of the travelling wedding dress after graciously offering up her very own wedding dress to brides-to-be in need.

Whilst preparing to move to a new home, Dawnetta Heinz happened upon her wedding dress and decided that it shouldn’t stay living in a dusty wardrobe. “I saw the dress again, and it was just something in me to give it to somebody”, Heinz told ABC News. She then posted images from her wedding to Facebook hoping the dress could be donated to another bride in need.


The Sisterhood of the Travelling…Wedding Dress!

“I’ve been less fortunate before, so I want to help anyone who has been in that position”, she explains. However, after an overwhelming response, over 700 brides-to-be, she decided one bride in need was not enough. “I had the idea to pass the dress down, and a lot of brides-to-be were willing and agreed to do that”.

And just like the film, the dress has a certain charm fitting the first bride to wear the dress “like a glove”. The first bride to wear the dress was mother of four Arianna Pro to her vow renewal. Pro had a courthouse wedding six years ago and dreamed of having traditional wedding ceremony but never had the means, until she saw Heinz’s dress.

“I kind of felt like she was there with me a little bit and I kept thinking none of this would be possible without her”, said Pro.

And so the dress travelled again to bride-to-be Valarie Fitzgerald, who was extremely thankful to find that the dress fit her perfectly. “I didn’t have money to go to the store and buy a dress”, said Fitzgerald “I couldn’t thank Heinz enough”.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling…Wedding Dress!

So far 12 women have asked to wear the dress at their weddings, forging connections with every bride that wears the dress. “I’m just not going to fall off the chain”, Pro said. “We want to hear their experiences with it and see how far it goes. It’s super cool”.

Image Credits: ABC News


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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