The Real Reason the Garter is Thrown at the Wedding

Once upon a time in Fairy never-ever land people used to try and rip off a piece of cloth from the Brides dress and keep it for good luck *honey don’t you know this is couture?

Then the Bride used to attach a piece of cloth at the bottom of her dress (in hope nobody would try and tear her dress)- which challenged the Grooms friends in reaching out for it throughout the wedding.. umm imagine men diving at your feet trying to get your attention (actually I know some single friends that wouldn’t mind this lol)

Then it was decided that the garter (the piece of fabulous fabric) should sit under the dress, and the Groom should distribute this token of luck in the most fashionable of ways… using his mouth argh! So it is Fairies, we believe the ladies should get in on all this luck sharing, particular the single ones amongst the bachelors – you feel me?

wedding garter traditions

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