The Pros And Cons of A Destination Wedding

Planning a Wedding is stressful, there are so many factors a Bride and Groom need to consider before they start their new lives together like when and where the Wedding will be? Will it be a small wedding, a big Wedding, an outdoor Wedding, a destination Wedding or do you want to run away and hide from the Wedding planning altogether?

Destination Weddings have been quite popular lately but do you know if a Destination Wedding is right for you?

We are here to make your decision a little easier by listing the pros and cons to having a Destination Wedding

Pro – Capturing Beautiful Memories and Location Photos

Your Wedding Day is all about capturing beautiful memories and photos you can look back at one day with your children and grandchildren. A Destination wedding will ensure you capture the most beautiful location photography, whether its a Summer Wedding in Bali or a Winter Wonderland Wedding in Paris, you can be sure to capture some amazing memories.

Con – Budget

There can be no Wedding without your guest, whether its 10 of your closest Friends and Family or 300 of your most distant family members. A factor to consider when having a destination wedding is Budget, can your friends and family afford the trip to Greece for your special day or will you be missing some of the most important people to you due to budget constraints.

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Pro – A Long Celebration

Normally your Wedding is A One Night Only, you wake up the next day and think that went way too fast. Having a Destination Wedding with your closest family and friends the party never ends, because everyone has made the effort to fly over, they definitely won’t want to stop partying after just one night.

Con – Extra Expenses

Having a Destination Wedding, in theory, may sound a little less expensive but when having a Destination Wedding people can often forget it comes with a few extra costs. Having to book flights, accommodation, Reception Location, and you may be expected to book a few tourist activities as a thank you for your guests coming and traveling for your wedding.

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Pro – Honeymoon Location

Having a Destination Wedding can be the perfect Honeymoon Location, so you could spend your first night as newlyweds in a beautiful location you will never forget. It’s also a good excuse to visit your beautiful destination in a few years time for your Wedding anniversary.

Con – Communication and Planning

You may feel like you’ve lost a bit of control over the wedding from the smallest decisions like the food and seating plan, to big decisions like the ceremony plan and the reception decor when you’re having a Destination. A destination wedding will often require having someone from the reception or a wedding planner planning the wedding and communicating through emails and phone calls, so if you’re a control freak a destination wedding might not be for you.

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Written By Jamal Mohamad

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